Give Your Soul What She Desires

Give Your Soul What She Desires

The little voice that gets louder and louder each day, reminding you what you should be doing and want to be doing and know you need to do to be who you want to become, well say hell to your soul. Our soul is here to experience itself in its fullest expression. Our... read more
Is It Just My Imagination or Is it My Intuition?

Is It Just My Imagination or Is it My Intuition?

When you begin strengthening your inner voice, often times it can feel as if you’re making things up or if you’re imagining things. To discern whether it’s your imagination vs. intuition you’re accessing, read on my dear! Your imagination is... read more

When Being Bold Shows Up In Unexpected Ways

For the past 7 years I’ve chosen a word for myself every year. An energy I want to embody and focus on, to understand how it moved through my life, my mind, my heart and my soul. I chose a word that I can experience its polarities, the positive and negatives and... read more

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