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The collective energy of the holidays can bring up all kinds of heavy emotions.  From the stress of preparing to host family and friends, feeling overwhelmed as you hit the stores to shop for gifts, or the grief that arises as we long for those who have passed in our lives.

If you’re suffering from holiday stress or the holiday blues, you’re not alone. Besides being stressed out, many people claim to feel anxiety, sadness, and loneliness during the holiday season.  Combine that with the pressure to “be merry” can create an even greater disconnect when we actually don’t feel that way.

Remember to honor how you feel and at the same time begin to make a conscious shift to focus on your Soul and what she needs most during this time.

Here are ten tips to help you stay centered and happy during the holiday season:

1.  If you’re feeling lonely, depressed, or sad, be sure to reach out to someone you can talk to.  Expressing your feelings frees up the second chakra and by asking for support, you’re empowering yourself to choose to process any feelings that may be coming up.  Sometimes a good vent is all we need to release any pent up energy in our system.

2.  Be honest about your time.  Don’t cram your schedule with too many commitments that you’re too cranky to have fun.

3.  Volunteer at a local charity or shelter and give the gift of your presence to someone in need.

4.  Pause and breathe in the moment.  Your breath connects you to the flow of life.

5.  Honor your emotions.  They are fluid and can go through waves especially if you’re dealing with a lot.  Don’t fight them but instead, feel them.  The holidays aren’t meant to eradicate feelings of sadness or stress.  You are human, be compassionate with yourself.

6.  Give yourself a special gift.  Make it beautiful, wrap it up and write yourself a lovely holiday card.  You deserve it.

7.  Go on a local adventure and enjoy the wonder of experiencing something brand new.

8.  Listen to uplifting and positive music.  Your ear chakras will thank you.

9.  Bring forth the blessings of any family or friends who have passed by creating a holiday altar dedicated to their Spirit.

10.  Get creative and make a gift for someone you love.  As you’re making it, infuse it with the energy of light, joy and peace.

Seeing you living in brilliance, joy, and abundance! Namaste.

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