When you’re stricken with that internal nagging voice of self-doubt and fear telling you…

You’re not good enough
You don’t know enough
You don’t have what it takes
Nobody will believe in you, love you or trust you
What if it doesn’t work out the way you want it to?
What if you fail?
How do you know this is the right plan / decision / path?

Pause and get connected to the wisdom and power of your Soul.

I’m constantly learning to manage my own fears and self-doubts daily. As much as I want them to go away and deem myself totally fearless, I don’t believe in the idea of actually being 100% fearless.

What I firmly believe in is being friends with your fears and self-doubt, working with it, loving it, hearing it out and dancing with it.

By doing so, you create wholeness within and integrate all of who you are, especially the parts of you that are afraid.

Showing yourself loving kindness even when you’re overwhelmed with fear and self-doubt brings you back into resonance with your Soul.

Today I’m sharing with you loving mantras to manage those inner demons and remind you of how brilliant, powerful, and soulful you are.

I like to say them out loud, repeating it over and over again until I feel a shift of energy within me. You can say them in silence too, meditate on the words, and breathe them into your body, heart and soul.

Ready?  Say it loud and proud!

:: I trust in the wisdom of my Soul.

:: I hear you fears. I know you’re trying to keep me safe. But I’m choosing to (insert the action you’re going to take) with confidence. Ex: I’m choosing to teach this workshop with confidence.

:: It is safe to follow my heart.

:: I choose to live in alignment with my highest path and purpose.

:: My Divine Team is always looking out for my highest good.

:: I’m willing to learn and grow instead of staying stuck in fear.

:: Rather than listening to my fears, I’m listening to my heart’s desires.

:: I free myself from these fears and self-doubt and embody myself with love.

:: I let go of all self-doubt and fear easily and effortlessly.

:: I replace self-doubt with clarity and calm, decisive action.

:: I’m saying yes to fully living my purpose. Tweet this!

Okay two more bonuses. 😉

:: I choose to focus my energy on empowering my dreams.

:: I courageously move forward with purpose and aligned action.

Do you have any mantras you say to yourself when you’re experiencing fear and self-doubt? Share them in the comments below!

Remember, you are made of light! And your light shines through darkness so when you’re feeling the fear, connect back to your light.

And in case your fear is getting the best of you that it drowns out your intuition. Join me for a FREE webinar all about how to accurately tell the difference between, fear, ego, and intuition.  It’s happening on June 30th and you can check out the video below and register too! See you there live!

Seeing you living in brilliance, joy and abundance! Namaste!
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