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Trusting your Intuition is all about being BOLD. defines bold as “courageous, daring,  beyond the usual limits of conventional thought or action; imaginative.”  When you’ve got a mission you have to step up and make your voice known.  You are deeply compelled to make it happen, to share your gifts and to know that you have what it takes to create change in the world.

You just can’t stop.  You can’t stop because your intuition thrusts you in the direction of your purpose.  There are times where I am up at 3 am because I’m on fire… I’ve got ideas that need to be birthed and I’m sketching them out, frantically getting them onto paper and flowing in the river of creativity.

If your fire of boldness is a flicker then let me tell you why.  The only reason it’s not a roaring blaze of fervor for you is YOU. 

YOU get in the way of being bold.  YOU stop yourself from crossing what’s conventional, what’s seemingly “right” or playing in the land of “should’s”.  Cut the bullshit, because you know what my dear Goddess…

You have a wild side within you, an imagination that slashes through any boundary, limitation, and fence of fear.  Run with it.  Chase it.  Be it and Live it.

Here Are Your Born Bold Steps to take:

  • Grab some markers and two big sheets of paper.
  • Where are you hiding in your life and business?  Where are you being a prude, unadventurous, timid?  Where are you being too careful?  Write it down.  Give it color, personality and life.
  • Look at what you have written.  Be painfully honest with these fears and notice how they are getting in the way of you trusting in your magic, your intuition and what you have to give with gusto.  It’s that honest look into the shadows of fear that evokes Bold Beauty and Unfailing Intuition.
  • Now rip it up into pieces!  Shred it!  Stomp on it!
  • Grab the second sheet and write it out! MAKE IT BOLD! VIBRANT! DAZZLING!
Be Striking.


Be Frisky.


Be Entreprising.


And I Double Dare you to share with me your BOLD move you’ll be making in 2012 full of purpose, intuition and conviction in the comments below.

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Have a Magical Holiday and Beyond Bold New Year!

Love to you!  Seeing you living in brilliance, joy and abundance!  Namaste!