Blessed New Year! As you know, it’s been quite the wild ride. Despite the massive shifts, we are alive in what truly is a potent and powerful time.

While out in Sedona, Arizona over the new year weekend, I felt called to create a video and do a yearly card spread for you. It was spontaneous, unplanned, and during a hike out in the mystical red rocks. 

My intention is this reading serves as monthly guideposts and themes for reflection, contemplation, and awareness. You can find these full descriptions and reflection questions in the free pdf download below. 

This reading is not an “end all be all” but meant for you to interact, receive, and be with intuitively so you may welcome what resonates for you and feel into as you come back to this throughout the year.

My hope is that this year is one of wholeness, spaciousness, grace, and abundance. May you be guided by Spirit and your Higher Self, see your creative ideas come to life, and experience moments of joy on the daily.

Thank you for all that is YOU. Enjoy! 


Click on this link above and you may download this free PDF that contains the cards, descriptions, and reflection questions for you to explore.

Feel free to print it out and refer back to it each month.