sexxxy self love

I’m giggling as I write this because I woke up this morning feeling madly in love.  With whom?  Myself of course!

And yes it’s Valentine’s day and either you love it or loathe it, falling into the category of gushy romantic or Hallmark holiday.  I myself, hover in the vibration of romance, pleasure, sensuality and super sweet love.
Hold up, let me refine that…

Super Sweet and SEXXXY SELF LOVE.

I’d like for you to play on this high vibratory plane of love with me.

Self love is your skeleton key to unlock your intuition, confidence, personal power and purpose.  Yup, it works because it connects you with your body and presence. And I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again – your body is an intuitive antennae. The more you anchor into your body, the stronger your intuition.

And my gorgeous intuition junkie, I’ve got 3 risqué techniques for you to pump up your self love escapades to the next level by getting lusciously in touch with your bodacious body.

Before you watch this video, allow me to make a disclaimer… this is for the bold heart, the fearless, sensual, Divine Goddess who desires to know herself deeper and connect in with her inner voice in a way that I haven’t heard of in an intuition or psychic workshop.

In today’s video I gave myself permission to let my imagination run wild giving you juicy ways to love yourself up.

I want to hear from you!  How are you giving yourself sexy acts of self love today?  Leave your comments or questions below.

Also to heighten your pleasure centers and open up to Divine Love, grab yourself the 2nd Chakra Kit (your energy center of sex, senses and creativity) and 4th Chakra Kit (your energy center of unconditional love).  Trust me, you’ll be radiating in steamy lovey doveyness with these chakra kits.

I’m sending you beams of light and love on this Valentine’s day as well as every day.
Seeing you living in brilliance, joy and abundance.  Namaste!

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