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Giving yourself the chance for focused mental concentration each day in the form of meditation will help quiet the mind and sharpen your ability to hear the subtle messages of your intuition.

There have been numerous scientific studies on the benefits of meditation and how a few minutes of silence a day can keep the doctors away.

I’ve compiled a list of 33 Mind, Body and Spirit Benefits of Meditation just for you.

Body Benefits
1.  Gets the blood flowing and slows down your heart rate
2.  Lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease and lowers cholesterol levels
3.  Since your chakras are connected to the endocrine system, it helps to harmonize and balance your hormones
4.  Helps with weight loss
5.  Decreases headaches and has healed migraines
6.  Improves your exercise and sports performance
7.  Allows for greater oxygen to move through the body and increase of lung capacity
8.  Strengthens your immune system
9.  Improves focus and brain concentration
10.  Decreases stress, anxiety and nervousness
11.  Normalizes high blood pressure

Mind Benefits

12.  Cultivates inner peace and serenity
13.  Improve your learning curve and memory
14.  Builds your self esteem and self confidence
15.  Activates a stronger will power and personal power
16.  Increases productivity
17.  Clear fears and phobias
18.  Develop mindfulness and ability to control your thoughts, emotions and reactions
19.  Enhances your mood through the increase of serotonin levels
20.  Helps the ability to tolerate challenges in daily life
21.  Make clear and authentic decisions and choices
22.  Increase Creativity

Spirit Benefits
23.  Discover purpose and meaning in your life
24.  Develops genuine happiness within
25.  Increases intuition and heightens psychic abilities
26.  Aids in the process of forgiveness
27.  Understanding your relationship with Ego and Spirit
28.  Cultivates your connection to God, Spirit, Source, Oneness, The Universe
29.  Creates alignment with the present moment
30.  Connect to your inner wisdom and Divine wisdom
31.  Opens up the doors for synchronicity to occur daily
32.  Cultivate compassion
33.  Deepens your ability to love unconditionally

As an entrepreneur, imagine achieving just one of these benefits and how valuable that would be for your life and business.  But believe me, with practice – even if its just 10 minutes a day you will see numerous benefits and shifts in your energy in a matter of weeks and even days.

I have learned so many different forms of meditation and have found all styles to be extremely helpful in all areas of my life.  To start cultivating a practice right away, then I invite you to join us in this month’s Full Moon Meditation Class on Friday July 15 at 5:30pm Pacific. I will be guiding you through a very simple meditation that will be connecting in with the Full Moon energies, which is a powerful way to clear away things you have been obsessing over that no longer serve you, so that you open up to receive new possibilities and more abundance in your life.  To get all the details please visit:

Seeing you living in brilliance, joy and abundance! Namaste!