Your feelings are sacred.  Whether you feel sadness, frustration or even elation in a situation, it’s important to honor your experience.  There is no right or wrong to feelings and never let anyone tell you that what you feel is wrong.

What you feel IS what you feel. Period.

Expressing your emotions to another can evoke emotions within them that they may or may not be ready or willing to feel.  Heightened states of emotion can cause one to feel out of control.  Conflict can arise, causing the other to want to say what you’re feeling is wrong in order to gain control of their own emotions and ultimately the situation.

This causes you to feel invalidated and second-guess how you feel.  Once you do this, you lose connection to your intuition since guidance can be found beneath your emotions.

Over the past couple days in trying to come to a resolution with someone, I’ve been playing this battle with my feelings seeking evidence, facts, and reasons to make them that much more “real”.  Through this journey, I’ve come face to face with self-doubt, unworthiness, and disempowerment.

Finally I said f*ck it.  Who am I trying to prove myself to?  Why am I suffering in order to be loved, approved and validated?  When one isn’t willing to see through your heart and eyes, it’s painful to express the truth of how you feel.

In moments like these I ask for guidance.  I surrender to Spirit and ask for my heart to remain wide open and vulnerable to express my truth.  I send love to the places my ego wants to lash out with anger, revenge, and fear.

Reminding myself to honor my feelings, I create space for them to breathe and be nurtured through silence, a late night walk, and a compassionate friend.

Be aware of when you find yourself apologetic, acting like it’s no big deal or disregarding your feelings in order to be accepted or loved.  Take a breath and stay in your heart. From there your truth will always matter.

Seeing you living in brilliance, love and abundance! Namaste.


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