Having an environment that truly supports you is so important to your intuition development, success and greatness. During our road trip our first stop was at Sequoia National Park and for those of you have been with me for a while you know how much I love nature, trees and Mother Earth so I certainly was in heaven. What’s magical about this place is that it’s home to the largest tree on this planet and he even has a name: General Sherman!

According to the information at the park, General Sherman isn’t the tallest nor the widest or even the oldest but is the largest due to its volume of 52,500 cubic feet. They also went on to explain how the optimal conditions of its location was the main contributor to why he takes the title of largest tree on the planet.

Sequoias establish a strong relationship with the nutrients and soil around it. It’s root system is quite delicate not going deeper than 4 or 5 feet from the surface yet spreads itself out in a large diameter. They also like to race to the top of the canopy of trees in order to receive as much sunlight as possible. Taking a look at the area surrounding the General Sherman, there are plenty other Sequoias in the same vicinity. These giant trees can still thrive amongst each other without overcrowding or stripping the soil of its nutrients, thus naturally creating plenty of room for expansion and growth.

The magnitude and beauty of this tree that is estimated to be between 2,300 – 2,700 years old can teach you how important it is to live in the most optimal conditions in order to reach great new heights and success in your life.

First of all, take a look at what kind of soil supports your own growth. Be mindful of the kinds of food that nourish you, makes you feel healthy and vibrant and gives you nutrient rich energy for your day. Make a list of all the things that enrich your Spirit, whether its taking morning walks, going to the beach, or playing the guitar and treat yourself to some delicious time to feed the soul.

Second, how is your root system or foundation? Are you feeling happy, safe and thriving in the body that you are in? If so then fabulous! If not, no worries, try this exercise: journal about the kinds of changes you feel you need to make in order to have that feeling daily. Take one of those ideas and commit to it today – that’s a baby step towards creating a strong foundation for your growth.

Third, notice where you are in alignment to your own sunshine, that passion and Spirit that moves you deeply to creating your wildest dreams. Are you fully basking under your sun or shying away from it believing you can’t have your heart’s desires? Know that being aligned with your truth, authenticity and purpose will certainly light the path ahead of you, giving you intuitive direction and inspiration.

And fourth, surround yourself by supportive, uplifting and like minded people who bring out the best in you. There’s a quote that I love by Jim Rohn and I want you to really think about it too: “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” Now I know that may not sit well with some of you, but if you are willing to be open and without judgment of yourself or others, you may see that who you surround yourself with can elevate you to new heights or bring you down in the trenches. By having a powerful group of people you can connect to, share your big visions and support one another in making that happen can help propel you much more quickly than those who think your heart’s desires are foolish or silly.

Caring and nurturing your mind, body and soul is ideal as you begin to develop your intuition. Without these optimal conditions you are able to create in your life, it makes it difficult to get in touch with those subtle signals or gut feelings that may be leading you to the next open doorway on your path. If you’re feeling a tug from within that wants something bigger, bolder and more brilliant for yourself and are unsure of how to heed to that gut feeling inside, then I invite you to sign up for a Complimentary Discovery Session. Together we can align your foundation, intuition and purpose, creating the most optimal conditions to propel you into new heights, growth and greatness.