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Often I hear people give up so easily when attaining their dreams, they say “Oh well, I guess the Universe doesn’t want that for me!” when deep inside they know that is EXACTLY what they want. This is what I like to call “Being a Victim of the Universe”.

Have you ever been SO determined to go somewhere or do something you know will take you to your next level of growth and success?

And as you’re in full stride, an unforeseen barricade stops you dead in your tracks creating a roadblock between you and what it is that you really want.

Then a thought pops in your head “Is this a sign?” or “Maybe it’s the Universe telling me I shouldn’t be doing this after all?”

These questions bring up the concept of signs. How do we determine which direction a sign from the Universe is pointing us to go?

So this is where your intuition comes into play.

When you’re living a heart centered life connected to Spirit, know that Spirit wants greatness and abundance for you. Answering to the call of your heart’s desires requires that you step into your next level of growth and success, a level you have never been to before.

For me when I am about to embark on my next level of growth, something mechanical tends to break down… and trust me, this has happened multiple times and thank goodness for my trusty energy tool belt, I’ve been able to move through each situation with grace.

This past spring, I signed up for a 3-day business event that I knew I had to be there. I knew that in order for me to take my business to the next level I had to learn new things, step up and seek out the level of support and help that will take me to where I want to go so that I may be of service to more and more people. I was taking my truck to drive to the event and the day before I went to get an oil change.

Something in my gut said to ask the mechanic to check my whole car just to make sure I’m good for the road trip.

The mechanic comes out to tell me that there is no way I can drive my truck on the road. My front axle had to be replaced. My jaw dropped. In order to make it to the event on time I had to get my truck worked on immediately before they closed.

And then a fleeting thought popped in my head “Is this a sign that I’m not supposed to go?” Excuse my French but I said “Hell NO!” I wasn’t going to let this stop me, even if it meant that I had to spend another several hundred on my car on top of the significant monetary investment I already made for the event.

I knew what I wanted and nothing was going to get in my way because of that.

Moments like these are when you surrender to your intuition asking yourself “What is it that I really want? And this thing that I want, is it really in alignment with my heart’s desires?”

When you check in deeply with yourself, and you find that your heart is truly connected to what you want on the other side of that roadblock, that’s when you know the sign is a test to see if you’re truly ready to walk your talk.

Now here’s the key: you must surrender all fears, doubts and anxieties of not knowing how everything will unfold but trusting that what your heart wants is what the Universe wants for you too.

You see, sometimes these signs are ways the Universe wants to test you, pulling your greatness out into the world. But in order for that to happen, you must move beyond what it is you have always been doing.

You can’t do the same things over and over again expecting different results. And when your same pattern exhibits the same outcome, do you throw your hands in the air and say “Oh well, I guess the Universe doesn’t want that for me!”

There are definitely times when yes you will be guided into a new direction and be sure to honor those moments when you know you need to walk away from something. But make sure you are walking away with a true knowing you are no longer in alignment with your original desire.

If you are giving up due to fear of not changing your patterns, then statements like above reveal you are being a victim to the Universe.

Now if you find yourself unclear over a certain direction you need to take then you can summon the Universe’s guidance just by asking.

Here are 4 tips to know if a sign is the right sign for you so you don’t fall into the trap of being a victim of the Universe:

  1. First you must get clear within your heart and set an intention for what it is that you want. Be in complete alignment with your own truth when setting this intention, infusing it with love and passion. When fear, doubt or uncertainty comes up, bring yourself back to this intention so that you may receive your sign free of judgment. You’re able to dialogue with Spirit through an open heart and open mind.
  2. TRUST! I cannot emphasize the importance in trusting your intuition, trusting in the signs that do come in. If you find yourself with a sign that shows up for you and there’s a tug within your heart or stomach knowing this is the answer you’ve been waiting for then go with it. Trust it. Take action.
  3. If a roadblock shows up for you and you find yourself second-guessing the direction you are heading, then check in. Take a moment to surrender this roadblock to Spirit and create the space for your intuition to speak clearly for you. Clarify with your heart by asking “Is this what I really, really want?”
  4. Learning how to accurately determine the meanings of Signs from Spirit takes practice. It’s a muscle, just like our intuition. To really make it work for you is by asking Spirit for signs and then honoring the signs you receive. The more you honor the signs, the more signs Spirit gives to you. That’s the fun part, it’s so fun to receive signs all day long! It’s through this partnership with Spirit where your conscious connection grows.

In truth, the one sure sign you can always count on is by following your heart. Which brings me to some lyrics I want to share with you from one my favorite artists Madonna. It’s from her song “Sky Fits Heaven”.

Traveling down this road watching the signs as I go
Think I’ll follow the sun
Isn’t everyone just
Traveling down their own road watching the signs as they go
Think I’ll follow my heart
It’s a very good place to start

Follow your heart today. When you do this, you move from being victim to victorious in all that you do!

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