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Happy New Year!  Wowsers!  Such magical energy happening everywhere.

I captured this photo of the desert sunrise this morning from the window of my meditation room.  It’s always this serene and surreal atmosphere in my space in the morning.  The sunrise light streams in as this pink healing glow throughout the room creating a perfect sacredness for me to go within to connect and prepare for the day.

This is so important for me especially as I have lots of new goodies lined up for you including a FREE Teleclass and a Brand New 5 Week Teleseminar “Awaken Your Intuition Power” coming up in February.  Stay tuned for my special announcements coming soon.

Yesterday I was a featured guest on Angel Whispers BlogTalkRadio Show.  Diane Caldwell, a clairvoyant and animal intuitive and I gave live “tag team” readings to callers which were so much fun.  If you haven’t had a chance to listen then you can tune in right here:

I loved every minute of the magic we created. YAY!  Enjoy and thanks for listening! XOXO!