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I cried. And I can feel tears come up as I write this. I love Michael Jackson, as a music lover I don’t see how you can’t love him. I had t-shirts when I was a kid, rocking his button on my Member’s Only jacket, moonwalking through the kitchen, dancing and singing to his songs, being scared at the end of the Thriller video, fascinated by Captian EO saving the world, saying NA NA NA to P.Y.T. at the club, always impressed by his videos, style, moves, lyrics, and just pure magic, still giving me butterflies.

As I look at the energy of Michael Jackson, I am absolutely enthralled to see the presence of his light and the impact he has created on the Planet’s Consciousness. A gentle Spirit that emanated pure passion, energy, connection, love and shifted the entire world into a higher light.

When one taps into their God given gifts, talents, abilities and does what comes natural to them, everyone else lights up, therefore shifting the consciousness of the planet towards a higher vibration.  Michael Jackson set the stage for others to shine bright in their own unique gifts to share with the world.  As a beacon of light, he held that vibration for all of us to be brilliant… through him we see ourselves. We see how we too can command the world stage to share in the love of what we have as our gifts and natural abilities, we see how we too can connect to our own source of pure joy, excitement and dance through life one with that source, we see how we too can push the envelope, making our own lives greater and create a ripple effect of illumination for others to illuminate themselves.

He embodies all the potential we have within ourselves. We all have gifts that deserve to be shared with the world, imagine if Michael never shared his gifts with us, the world would be a very different place… and that may sound so cliche yet it’s true.  The entertainment industry, which is really only one facet of change he has made for all, was absolutely molded by Michael Jackson and his very own extraordinary style. 

I love how such amazing individuals incarnate into this lifetime to teach us about us… how beautiful we truly are… 

When we admire someone we are truly admiring qualities about ourselves.  
And so the world is affected by his transition… because all along we have been admiring a hero that is within and so his loss reminds us that he’s still here, in each and every one of us.  So many messages he shared with us by him just being he who is, bringing Spirit in 100,000% into the body and tapping into that energy in this lifetime.  

I feel so blessed and I cry because his being, his lifetime, his mission for incarnating onto earth this time around, gives me proof that in me and in everyone in this world, we really can be more than we think we can be.  We can look into the man in the mirror and start from that space of love for ourselves, love for others, love for our gifts and share that to create change in the world around us.  
In each of us we have more light than we are allowing ourselves to spread to the world.  If we all could just tap into this light, release those fears and dance like no one is watching you because it’s not about you, it’s about how your light can serve the world 🙂 
Infinite gratitude to Michael Jackson, I am humbled by your teachings, how you shaped my life, and  I continue to dance and sing at the top of my lungs to your music.  You continue to solidify in myself and the world around to remain in touch with what brings us the most joy in life, let it be known to everyone without fear, and be our best selves in all that we do.  
Live Loud. Dance with Light.  Sing with Spirit.  
Until we meet in the next lifetime, blessings of light and love on your journey!