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2012 began with all this gusto.  Yet, as I began implementing the things we had in store for I Love Intuition everything was a struggle.  Making dreams happen requires effort and action but it DOES NOT (at least in my life) INCLUDE STRUGGLE.  And struggle made an unwanted guest appearance in my life and business.

So what do you do when you find yourself fighting?

Stop.  Tune into Spirit and intuitive guidance.  Course correct.

There were aspects of what I had created with I Love Intuition that were dying, begging to be laid to rest.  As well as in my personal life too.  Struggle emerged in this fight to keep outdated ideas, old ways of being and creating that were connected to life support.

When in actuality, I had to pull the plug.

To create anything new in your life or business, something must die.  Whether you are conscious of it or not, space needs to open in order to bring about existence.  And so I am having a conscious funeral for all the facets of myself and I Love Intuition that are taking its last breath.  With this comes rebirth and finally room for me to grow in ways that are a reflection of a deeper level of authenticity.  Oh it feels soooooo damnnnn sexxxy!

To honor this death and rebirth I am having a celebration! YAY!

Here are 3 ways I am celebrating and inviting you to the funeral, memorial and rebirthday of I Love Intuition:

  • Death and Rebirth Celebration #1:  2 for 1 Intuitive Readings!

    Book either a 30 minute or 1 hour reading from now through February 29, 2012 and you will receive another one for FUH-REEEE!  I’ll still be offering readings in this rebirth but in a new way,  plus I’ve gotta share with you that the investment will increase so grab your goodies right now if you’re wanting intuitive guidance in your life and business. You must use your readings within 3 months of purchase.  Please jump on over here to book your reading:

  • Death and Rebirth Celebration #2:  Ask Christina!

    Send me your questions and I’ll answer them on my video blog.  Wooohoooo!  We are rolling out some brand new, fun, fantastic and yummy videos for you! But I need your help with these videos.  I know you have questions about intuition, psychic woo-woo stuff, Spirituality, heart centered business building, authentic living, creativity and Soulful expression, moving beyond fears, living your purpose and you’re itching for answers.

    Well my pretty, I really want to answer them for you on video!  Or send me your specific question relating to your life or business that you would like me to tune in on and offer you an intuitive reading into your situation, giving you insight and steps to move forward.  Your question will provide a wealth of insight for others as well.  So step right up to receive.   You can ask your questions on Facebook, Twitter or fill out the form here:

  • Death and Rebirth Celebration #3:  Radical Self Love Swagger: A Creative Rendezvous to Flaunt Your Sexy Soul!

    Join me on a 14 Day Online E-Course Adventure that you can be a part of no matter where you are in the world.  We kick off February 29 with a live Fountain of Radical Self Love Energy Activation Telefest (which will be recorded if you can’t make it live) and then starting March 1st for 14 days you will receive a creative exercise to rev up self love straight to your inbox.

    It’s only $14 for 14 days because I launched it on February 14! YAY!  Be a radical self love junkie with us right here:

I also made a video for you too!


There you have it!  My big giant heart shines out oodles of gratitude for being a part of the I Love Intuition community of hip, heart centered, creative warriors who are committed to following your heart and living with light and purpose!  XO!