February 18 is a full moon and I’ve been feeling the effects of it all week.  And so this morning I connected in with the moon to ask for guidance and to share insights with you today.  I sat with my eyes closed, fingertips poised on my laptop and this is what came through.

At first I thought, maybe I’ll edit it into an article.  But that felt disconnected to me and the essence didn’t feel as pure.  So intuitively, I felt it most appropriate to share with you exactly what I downloaded, as is.  No edits.  Straight from
Mr. Moon himself.

This is the message I received:

“I’d like to tell you to stop worrying over the petty little things in life.  The little arguments that create separation with you and yourself and every one else. This full moon is all about relationships.  To look into yourself and see where you are stopping yourself from fully loving you.  Where are you putting up walls and barriers that shield you from the capacity to fully love yourself and one another?  I am asking you to release and let go of those walls of separation, the fear of being seen, being vulnerable and being open to what life has to offer you right now.

My dear one, you reflect me.  You are a mirror of my moonlight. You shine in the dark night; you illuminate paths ahead of you.  You are the lighthouse leading the lost ones towards safety. So shine dear sister, shine dear brother.  Shine your soul as if you were the only one out there.  Notice how the world unfolds for you when you let your light shine.

Take a look at what relationships in your life are you holding on to, just to hold on to. You hold on because it’s all you’ve known, it’s all you think you will ever know.  Where are you not giving yourself a chance to receive love, growth, and adventure in new relationships and not just in romance, but also in forging new friendships?

My full moon energy is also here to bring out your connection to creativity. You are the creator of your life.  You are the magician with the wand. Abracadabra!  What do you want to make magically appear in your life?  Through your ability to shine is how you make magic.

(at this moment, I asked the Moon “What can we do as a next step?”)

Sit in silence and see me in your mind’s eye. I am alive.  I breathe.  I change and grow just like you.  Sit together with me, with a cup of tea and let’s talk.  Tell me what are your fears, what your challenges are, your pains, your suffering. Allow me to illuminate the shadows that are within you.

Hand over the laundry list of things your are ready to let go of and know that as you share your deepest fears with me, I wash them away. As the moon, I illuminate the dark and give you a path to follow that leads you to the morning light sky.

Creating freedom for you to just be, to collapse those walls and let your heart express fully into the world.

With this opening, now set forth an intention you want to create in the next month.

How would you like to feel this month?  Who would you like to be?

What does “Being Me” really mean to you?

Embrace and embody that right now, breathe out your intention into the moonlight. Allow the moonlight to beam it up right to Spirit to be one.  To be nurtured.  To be given back to you.

Now open up your arms and receive.

Give gratitude, love and blessings.”

Wow, that sends shivers throughout my body just typing that out for you.  So
your I Love Intuition Assignment for this week is to do just that.  Talk to the moon. Surrender your fears, worries, and struggles and allow the moon energy to illuminate the dark into the light.  Open and receive.

As you let go and release.  You create room for you to be really you.  It’s through that connection to you is when your intuitive guidance heightens, always guiding you in fulfilling your purpose.  To step further on your own path of intuitive knowing, then I invite you for a complimentary Soul Activation Call with me. We’ll get clear about those icky energies that hold you back, so you can fully step into leading from your light within and sharing your purpose with absolute confidence.  Simply email me at christina@iloveintuition.com and would love to speak one on one with you. XO!