I love consulting with the Angels via my Doreen Virtue’s Healing with the Angels Oracle Card Deck asking for guidance from the Angels for any messages they have for me as I begin this journey into Life Coaching. Aaaah, so I have chosen the card above, or the card chose me… the message they have for me is “Ideas and Inspiration”.
This card is asking me to pay attention to my thoughts for any new ideas or inspirations that come into my mind/spirit as they are messages from God and the Universe in order for me to follow and utilize in my creation for the future 🙂

OOOOH LALA! I lovey this card. I have been bombarded with fantastic ideas – I guess the problem I have is how to implement them all or even choose the best of the best, oh yes the ones that are reoccuring thoughts in my mind are definitely what Spirit has for me to manifest.
Thank You Angels for your wonderful insight as I further my journey into Life Coaching.

I enrolled into the International Coach Academy in late November and have finally started my classes last Friday. I aim to be a Certified Professional Coach by the end of 2009 and move forward with my practice in transforming lives into fulfilling their Spiritual Potential. I am loving the format of the school, everything is done virtually and through teleclasses and it’s all very self paced and experiential. Since it is an International School there are students from all over the Globe and I have had classmates from Thailand, Taiwan, London, Australia it’s amazing to be in a Global classroom! It’s quite inspirational to know that everyone is there to fulfill a calling to be of service to others in a way that brings out the best within themselves and others! After only four classes I have definitely received much insight into Coaching and I’m not even a week into it! There is much work ahead of me and it’s all about keeping the balance and how to integrate the schooling with my artwork and giving readings and teaching more classes.

This is my next step in my path as I fully embrace this direction my vision becomes clearer, brighter and definitely High Def 🙂 I must admit I had to move past a huge terror barrier in this shift and by trusting, surrendering and allowing Spirit to move through has definitely been a giant leap into the unfolding of my own Greatness. Just as the wonderful Reverend Dr. Michael Beckwith says “There is Greatness within you that awaits its release, unlimited ideas awaiting expression through and as you.” And yet we fear our own Greatness, our capabilities to be Exceptional and Extraordinary, trust me I know ;P Late last Summer I was meditating daily upon the question “How May I Serve?” Sitting in silence repeating this question as a mantra through my mind after about a week or so of meditating upon this a stream of people started calling me for Spiritual Guidance but not through a reading, very similar questions from different people started revealing itself to me… questions such as “How do I find my purpose?” “How does one become more Spiritual?” “How can I transform my life and be at Peace?” As I helped to guide people in finding the answers to their questions I realized the Universe was answering my own question I had presented “How May I Serve?”

So quick manifestation works when you are vibrating on the level of receptivity and openness!!!

Yet with the answer right in front of me, phone call after phone call of people asking me to guide them through personal transformation… fear seems to beep in on the other line with it’s conniving statements to keep you in your comfort zone. Sure I could easily give readings and paint and just be, yet Greatness awaits and a brighter light is beginning to make its way through my core as I’m shown by Spirit my capabilities of shifting consciousness on a larger scale… oooooh! aaaaaahhhhh! Now how can one not be impressed by a gorgeous view? I had to dive in!

And so it is. Integrating Spiritual Coaching into my holistic practice of Intuitive Readings and Vibrational Energy Healings. With my ability to actually energetically see where people may be blocked or stuck in their lives and heal those energies from their space so they can transition more easily towards living their dreams… it goes hand in hand!

The Universe never gives you something you can’t handle! Bring it on my dear, I am ready to be of service 🙂 I’m ecstatic for this journey and thank you for your support 🙂 Blessings and Namaste!