Meet The Queen Bee

Hello gorgeous Soul! I’m Christina Ambubuyog (Am-boo-boo-yawg) and my last name means Bumblebee in Tagalog.  Cool right? You know what else is cool?

Trusting your intuition to guide you in creating a life that expresses your Soul purpose.

Because I believe: Intuition is the secret sauce to knowing exactly what you need (and don’t need) to live your purpose, create meaningful relationships, and live life fully. You are a Divine and extraordinary being.  All of you, even the parts that you don’t think so. Everyone is intuitive.  We’ve just been conditioned to dismiss our inner wisdom.  Not around here though.  

When you sense your Soul speaking to you, it’s because your Soul is.

  I’m here to help you listen in and shine bright.   

I am a Soul seer, intuitive, and creativity catalyst.

  All that means is that I remind you of who you innately already are. Hint: You are brilliant, powerful, and there’s nothing to fix.  Just show up as ALL of you. Why I LOVE Intuition: I didn’t find this work but it found me.  I got to a point in my life that I went from being physically ill for an entire year, unhappy, completely lost and finally surrendering to the inner nudges of my Soul to embrace my intuitive and creative side instead of shut it down. Since then, I’ve learned that the heart always wins. I now know that intuition reigns supreme. If you listen closely, your Soul knows exactly what to do, where to go and how to get there. So, where to next? Join the I Love Intuition community and receive weekly-ish intuitive insights to elevate your life!    

Just in case you want to talk, write or sing about me here’s my “official bio”:

  Christina Ambubuyog is the creator of I Love Intuition where she helps purpose driven leaders strengthen and trust their intuition and creativity to create soulful lives.  As a Spiritual teacher, certified coach, artist, and speaker, Christina integrates expressive arts, spiritual coaching, and playfulness, a as the secret sauce to her programs, to bring out your inner wisdom and align to your truth.  

Christina has worked with over a thousand clients nationally and internationally through private coaching, events, and workshops to individuals as well as organizations such as United Way, Vistage, Lululemon, and Neiman Marcus.  She has been a featured speaker at TEDx Fremont East Women.  Her artwork and custom painted murals decorate homes and businesses throughout the country.

Christina received her bachelors in Interactive Multimedia from Columbia College Chicago and is a Certified Life and Spiritual Coach through the International Coach Academy. Born and raised in Chicago, she’s currently lives in Phoenix, Arizona with her love, hiking through mama earth, taking pictures, painting, and traveling incessantly. Thank you for journeying with me and I can’t wait to get to know you. See you on the inside. XO! Christina Ambubuyog Signature