Welcome to The 7-Day Psychic Adventure!  

I am so grateful to be your guide in harnessing your intuitive power and psychic insights!

Starting on June 1, you’ll receive a daily practice delivered directly to your inbox each morning.  Each exercise will be short & sweet yet will pack a psychic punch.  Be sure to take a few minutes to read the email and get ready to play.

Because I believe that intuition is a verb, we must ALWAYS be exercising our psychic muscles so I’ll be joining the journey with you.

I’ll share an image, along with insights about the exercises on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.  If we are not yet connected on those social media lightwaves, take a moment to do so right now.  This is how I’ll be able to see how you’re doing and making sure you’re taking practical action with your intuition!

Use the hashtag #PsychicAdventure to join me as you implement these playful practices each day.  Take a photo to represent and show that you are engaging in the exercises and post it to Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.
That way we can all connect virtually, meet your Soul mates around the world, and get a glimpse into the beauty of your Soul.  Feel free to tag me too.  Don’t worry, you don’t have to post on all three channels, just share on whatever platform works easiest for you.  I’ll come stalk you (not in a creepy way of course.)

I’ll also be answering any questions about harnessing your psychic powers and living your purpose so feel free to ask away on either Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.  I will make sure to get to every single one of you.   No Goddess left behind!

Stay tuned for the first exercise coming at you on Monday June 1st.  Get ready for a Soulful ride!

With Big LOVE,
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P.S.  Be sure we’re connected so I can answer your questions and play along with you!
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