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The first time I heard about synchronicity was from James Redfield’s book The Celestine Prophecy.  I was 14 years young when I first read that book and it opened up my world to living in the flow.  For the past 16 years I’ve incorporated this way of living by following my intuition, noticing where the signs are leading me, taking inspired action and trusting the Universe is always paving a solid path of light for me.

Synchronicity is life’s signals validating that yes indeed you are in the flow.Yes you are in the right place at the right time, yes you are saying yes to life, yes to your intuition, yes to being guided and yes to a higher way of connecting with the world around you.  Synchronicity happens through meeting people, being in places, or events that your soul attracts in order to move you into a higher awareness or highlight something you are working on in your life at the moment.  The higher your awareness, the more easy it is to be in this flow of coincidences, synchronicities and what I like to say “driving with all green lights”.

Your energy creates the recipe for how these signs will appear in your life since you will attract what is always for your highest good. Even if your highest good is to experience a challenge to teach you a significant lesson on your life’s path.  The more you are grounded, aware and have clarity within your life, the greater alignment you have with your intuition.  Intuition guides and opens up your eyes to see the synchronicities in life, it’s a matter of whether you choose to follow your intuition or not.

Observe the world around you and there are infinite ways showing you how nature intuitively gravitates towards growth. Plants point towards the sun, birds begin to migrate south during the winter months and snakes shed their skin.  You operate in that same way Christina.  Spirit is always for growth, expansion and abundance and will guide you to situations that will enhance your spirit in multiple ways.  Synchronicity will work to support your intuition and in return your intuition will support the path you want to create.

Get started on the path toward synchronicity by getting clear about what direction you want to head. Without clarity you are navigating blindfolded.  Pay attention to life’s road signs in the following ways:

  • Listen to the messages from other people around you. Perhaps you are experiencing a difficult moment in your life and some stranger gives you a message that provides guidance or an answer to your situation.  I always believe those messengers are earth angels pointing us towards the light.
  • You all of a sudden have a fabulous new idea you would love to come into fruition. The next person you see brings up the same subject you were just thinking about.  My friend Lester Palmiano of is beginning a community garden project in Chicago. He called me this week thrilled to tell me the multiple synchronicities that happened to him regarding the right people who came into his life with the exact expertise he was seeking to help him start this garden.  This series of green lights happened in a matter of days of him becoming aligned with what his heart truly desired 🙂
  • A song on the radio is being played on two different stations at the same time. Pay attention to the lyrics, what answer does it have for you.  My 8 year young niece Isabel and her father (who passed away last November) would text each other the lyrics of this song by Everything But the Girl. Isabel would text her dad “And I miss you” and he would text her back “like the deserts miss the rain”.  One day a few months after he passed, we were shopping and Isabel was telling us a funny story about her dad.  When she finished the story, the speakers in the store began playing that song!  How’s that for synchronicity and love!
  • There is a workshop or class you want to take and all of a sudden the money to take the class shows up out of no where, through a bonus check or gift or donation.  This has happened to me numerous times!  When I was being guided to attend clairvoyant school and they were enrolling for the next training course.  I received two checks out of no where in the same day from old freelance gigs I had at the time adding up to the exact amount I needed to enroll!  Not thinking twice I signed up that same day and here I am today.
  • Just ask your intuition to show you a sign! Every time you ask you always receive an answer.  Be open to receiving guidance from the Universe and promptings of your intuition in all kinds of ways.  Just follow your instincts and trust that Spirit always wants the best for you.

The greater your awareness is of who you are, what your heart’s truth is and your connection to the present moment, the more these lucky chances will show up at your doorstep. Why take the long road when there’s a synchronistic shortcut to achieving your dreams?