Custom Intuitive Insights For the Year Ahead

2024 is right around the corner and if you’re looking to…

✨ Attune yourself with the specific frequencies and energies that are being called forth and activated for you to embody your Divine self-expression.

✨ Not do all the things but rather consciously choose what’s most aligned and what matters the most for you and your Soul.

✨ Nurture your needs and desires in order to show up in a sovereign, clear, and focused way giving you the mental, emotional, and spiritual capacity to connect and serve your family, friends, community, and deepen your purpose.

✨ Create Divine alignment to your Soul’s unique timeline releasing external pressures of how much you need to do, who you should be, or what success is supposed to look like in order to fully thrive in your own essence. 

Then I invite you to the 2024 Aura Reading: Your Year Revealed!

This is the sixth year in a row I'm offering this and each year I truly look forward to delivering these transformational readings to you. 

My intention is this Aura reading provides both healing and closure to this year along with a strong foundation both in intuitive insights and practical guidance to prepare you for the year ahead.

In case you're new to my world and haven't received this reading yet, 
what is an AURA?

Your Aura is the gorgeous energy field or bubble of light that surrounds your body in all directions like a cocoon or elliptical egg like shape. 

While the size and intensity of our auras can differ, the more vibrant and strong your aura is, the easier it is to be grounded, present, and unaffected by outside forces.

This creates more vitality and energy to do the things you wish to do that align with your vision. 

By tapping into the seven layers of your aura, you will... 

✨ Gain insights into your spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical aspects of your life, business, relationships, and well being.

✨ Bring presence and healing to energetic blocks, potential red flags, or challenges and the steps to transform and move through them.

✨ Navigate the ups and downs of life with grace, peace of mind, and focus.

✨ Honor the direction your Soul is being called to go and how to best express who you are in 2024.

Our auras can act like a spiritual road map providing you with insights to help keep you focused, clear, and confident when it comes to living a life that is a true reflection of your desires, vision, and purpose.


The 2024 AURA Reading 

A clairvoyant reading into the seven layers of your aura about what you're creating
and who you're becoming in 2024.

Amplify more JOY in the New Year!

 This is for you if you desire to...

✨ Embark into the new year with a high powered flashlight to
help you illuminate your path and purpose.

✨ Know which areas of your life you can nurture more, heal,
or even take a little bit of a break from needing to do anything.

✨ Receive wisdom of what to do when it comes to possible challenges to look out for in your life. 

✨ Be more confident, connected, and focused on what truly matters the most
instead of getting distracted or sidetracked.

It’s basically the go to psychic + practical guide to knowing your Aura and Soul so you can be reminded about who you truly are, who you’re becoming, and how to create a life that is joyful, purposeful, and playful for 2024.


My default mode is highly logical, yet I know how powerful it can be to tap into the unseen. Therefore, looking ahead at a new year and a new decade, provided me more insight beyond what I already know. Throughout the year I referred back to my reading and it was a great way to check in on things, and to put a container around some things I was experiencing but couldn't completely articulate. While Christina's insight about my business is very helpful and confirmed a few things for me, the insight into my personal life in terms of what I need to nurture and focus is what I get the most benefit from. 

Christina's approach is so warm and she makes the entire process so enjoyable. Getting the Aura Reading is a must if you want any intuitive or spiritual insight for the new year.

MAGGIE PATTERSON Creator, SmallBusinessBoss.co

So you're probably wondering...

"How does the Aura Reading work?"

For this specific reading, I will be tuning into the seven layers of your aura.

Each layer represents a specific aspect of your Soul and life.

1st Layer: Physical well-being
2nd Layer: Creativity and money
3rd Layer: Personal power
4th Layer: Love and relationships
5th Layer: Self-expression
6th Layer: The vision of who you are becoming
7th Layer: Spiritual connection.

For each layer, I'll provide you with insights, messages, and imagery I'm seeing about where your Soul is coming from, where you are now, and what you're being called to embody into for 2024.

I will be preparing and recording this reading for you on my own time and delivering it to you via email. I won't be taking questions since I have a specific format for this. Since the holidays are a busy time for everyone, it gives us both more freedom to enjoy the festive season!

If you'd like to add a private one-on-one phone reading for specific questions you may want to ask about for 2024, there is an option to book that below.

To be clear, this is not a prediction type reading. 

I will not tell you on June 14 you’re going to be swept off your feet by the person of your dreams, nor will I tell you that on September 27 you’ll win an all-expense paid trip to Tahiti. If that's what you're looking for, then this reading isn't for you.

However, if you're looking to receive your Soul and Spirit's messages of growth, evolution, and expansion into being more of you, then you're in the right place.

You are ALWAYS in the drivers seat of your life and I never want to take that away from you. I’m merely providing  guidance, optimal coordinates, and insights to help you navigate better, stay aligned with your Soul, and show up as the brilliant and radiant being that you are this upcoming year with confidence and clarity.

The 2024 Aura Reading gives you the wisdom from your Aura + Soul 
to navigate the New Year with grace, purpose, and focus.

To receive your 2024 AURA Reading,

you've got two options...


  • Audio Recording of Your Reading: Your aura reading recording which will be around 30-40 minutes. This is not a private one-on-one phone reading (unless you purchase that option).
  • Delivered to you between December 29-31, 2023: Be on the lookout for an email from me with your recording ready for you to listen to while cuddled up in a blanket with a cup of tea and your journal.


  • Audio Recording of Your Reading: Your aura reading recording which will be around 30-40 minutes. 
  • Delivered to you between December 28-31, 2023: Be on the lookout for an email from me with your recording ready for you to listen to while cuddled up in a blanket with a cup of tea and your journal.
  • 30-Minute Private Phone Reading: Dive into the areas and questions you'd love to receive more guidance, support, and intuitive clarity. The phone session will be scheduled in January 2024.

Here's what happens after you click the button to receive the magic!

Once you purchase the reading or guidebook, you'll be directed to a questionnaire to fill out in order for me to prepare your reading. 

ALL readings will be delivered to the email you enter in the questionnaire. 

If you'd like to give one as a holiday gift, let me know in the questionnaire who the reading is for. Please receive their permission ahead of time so I may tune into their energy. 

Cancellation and Refund Policy:  Please note that Christina spends a significant amount of time and energy preparing for your aura reading. Therefore, there are no refunds on these aura readings or phone sessions, no exceptions. Thank you for understanding. 

My vision and prayer for you in 2024 and beyond is to know that you are glorious, radiant, and that everything you touch is lit up with your Divine gifts!

If you feel called to receive this reading, I can't wait to share these insights with you. Throughout the year, you can listen to it over and over again for deeper wisdom, clarity and remembrance on your path.  

It's meant to help you remain grounded, focused, and express the truth of who you even more.  

This is an invitation to release and close out this year and open up into the next year with greater presence, joy, and abundance. 

Jovhannah Tisdale

Spiritual Healer, HealingSingleMothers.com

Priceless spiritual wisdom to guide me in life.

Words cannot begin to express how grateful I am for this reading. It’s been so valuable for me. The more I listened the more I uncovered more nuggets of wisdom. You are truly gifted and I trust in your guidance. 

This Aura Reading served as a roadmap for my 2019 year and accurately described the energies impacting me. I made some amazing strides in my life and business, including healing and releasing a habit that has been plaguing me for years! 

The wisdom you shared will continue to help me move forward! Your Aura Readings part of my year end ritual and help me plan, keeping me aligned and anchored to what matters most. Thank you so much for all that you do. I highly recommend Aura Readings for anyone wanting soulful guidance.

Lupe P.

"My 2019 reading was a nice road map for the year. I went through some changes that took some time to process through but you can’t force something if the timing isn’t right.  I feel more confident in myself and I feel less guilty for saying NO to things I don’t want to do. 

My biggest draw to my 2020 reading was guidance. Right as I signed up I realized that we were coming to the end of a decade.  I have come to learn a lot about myself by trusting my intuition and knowing the universe has my back.  I was changing careers which was a bit terrifying but I also felt some kind of solace because deep down I felt aligned.  I had been thru a lot of change over the past 2 years and I wasn’t 100% happy.  As I started to make changes that were lining up more with what I wanted I started to feel happier.  

So far this reading has been on point.  Couple of things you mentioned I was somehow already mentally processing so you confirmed that I am on the right track.  You mentioned that you saw me holding/playing with children. I found out the same day I received the reading (I had not listened to it yet) that my niece is pregnant she is due in July.  I also recently found out one of my good friends is expecting as well. 

If you thinking about receiving the yearly Aura Reading, do it! Give this gift to yourself. You will not regret it."

Shelley Hayes

Leadership Coach, EmpowermentInc.ca

Christina is a masterful healer and spiritually connected source of guidance. We are lucky to have her beautiful presence in our world. Christina provided me with an amazing healing experience after a very difficult time in my life. I was feeling disconnected, foggy and unclear about myself after a significant transition.

Christina’s powerfully loving healing lifted me up when I needed it most and gave me back to my true Self. I highly recommend Christina’s work as a healer, coach and intuitive and would be thrilled to talk to anyone who would like more information.


Online Communications Strategist, Cliqueworthy.com

"I’m a cautious believer in matters of spirituality and intuition, but Christina immediately made me feel at ease with her process. Her assessment of what’s been happening in my life and how it affected me were extremely accurate. She helped me understand what it all meant and offered extremely practical advice to help me move past it.

Since our reading, I’ve seen some shifts in my relationships, my business and my finances. Christina gave me clarity around the things I needed to let go, where I needed to focus and how I could nurture my personal growth. I highly recommend her readings for those looking for clear guidance and no-nonsense advice on how to move forward."

Taria Pritchett


Christina blew my mind! I came to her when I felt like I needed more clarity surrounding relationships and my business. She read me and who I was instantly without ever talking to me before.  She helped me to identify why I had a recurring pattern in my relationships with men helping to clear and heal it so that I could open myself up to new love and relationships.

As for my business, she help me identify my business archetype and the direction I should be headed in.  She helped me refocus myself and my brand in a more purposeful fashion, and just weeks after speaking with her I was able to finish writing my first book and had three speaking engagements booked.

Meet Christina Ambubuyog

Fun fact: Ambubuyog means "bumblebee" in Tagalog.

I'm an intuitive consultant, psychic, energy healer, spiritual teacher, artist and creator of I Love Intuition. Those are all fancy ways of saying that I'm here to help you unleash your Soul's purpose and express it fully, boldly, and from a place of deep service to the world. 

For the past 18 years, I've given thousands of intuitive readings, energy healings, and intuitive coaching to a wide range of spiritual seekers, heart-centered entrepreneurs, and corporate leaders. I teach meditation, expressive arts, and intuitive development workshops, online programs, and retreats. I've also worked with organizations such as United Way, Vistage International, Neiman Marcus, and as a TEDx speaker. 

Currently, Phoenix, Arizona is my home base where my husband and I love hiking through the desert, traveling incessantly, chasing sunsets, and living a deliciously peaceful life. 


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