Awaken Your Intuition

Are You Ready To Effectively Create an Authentic Life and Business

by Connecting to Your Inner Wisdom?

When You Know How To Harness Your Intuition, You Release Indecision,

Claim Your Creative Power,

Live Joyfully and Fulfilled – All By Being You!

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Dear Entrepreneurial Goddess, Lightworker and Change Maker,

We’re really shifting into a new way of being in 2011.   An inspired way of creating is being activated in you.  I know you’re feeling it already, otherwise you wouldn’t be here reading this right now.  Your emotions are like a wild rollercoaster; perhaps you’re seeing visions, you’re overly sensitive to your environment and overwhelmed with business and life decisions that it’s hard to discern what’s the most authentic path for you.

You can sense it, there’s something tugging at your heart strings, a pull, a soul calling, a knowing that you are meant to do something more but all the voices in your head keep you in a whirlwind of fear, second-guessing your heart’s desires.

What if you were able to connect with your inner wisdom, remove all those icky energies that keep you fuzzy and stuck in fear, be fully guided by Spirit and trust in your manifestation magic you have right at your finger tips?

NOW is the time my friend to step it up and take ownership of the power that is innately within you – The Power of Your Intuition.

Life is just to precious to ignore the truth that wants to be expressed through you.

Having psychic energy tools to navigate these changing times is essential to stay grounded in your truth, to claim your purpose and spring confidently into new opportunities that are guided by inspired action.

And you may already be familiar with these concepts – move past the fear, be authentic, claim your power, live your dreams.

But do you know how to actually ground these concepts with practice and practical action steps

to create the life and business you really want?

That’s the question you really need to ask yourself if you’re considering this program.


Concepts are great.

But wouldn’t results be simply fabulous!?

Awaken Your Intuition Power

is all about Recapturing Your Energetic Essence,

Grounding it into Practical Reality

So You Can Unleash Your Soul’s Compass

to be Fully Guided with Clarity and Passionate Purpose.


You ARE already intuitive. Yet, through the years its been shut down and covered up through fear, pain, traumas and other people’s energy.   It’s time to rekindle your inherent intuitive nature.  The concepts you’ll learn here are the building blocks to accessing your intuition and energy once again.

Having your intuition creates clarity, acceptance and the power to be fully present in this lifetime.  You will gain fundamental tools to become fully aligned with your energy, open up and experience your intuitive capabilities safely, playfully and creatively.

Here’s what you need to bring to the table:

1.  A True Desire to begin accessing your intuition so you can show up authentically in your life and business

You and I share the same soul purpose – and that’s to expand, grow and to truly be you.  It’s time to shine your light.  Spread your message.  Be a catalyst for change, transformation and healing – all while just being in your essence of Spirit.

Be ready to throw out old paradigms of being that you’ve been holding on to!  So you can fully create the space to bring in new insights, wisdom and guidance daily.

Come with a clear intention of what you really want to DO and want to create in your life and business.  Even if that’s not fully clear for you at the moment, don’t worry it’ll become obvious.

2.  The Willingness to Receive New Perspectives, Insights and Tools

I have lots of goodies up my sleeve that are fun, practical and you will use throughout your lifetime.  Plus, I don’t sugar coat anything so if you’re coaching with me, I get down to the heart of the matter so that you can experience movement and growth in your life – quickly and gracefully.  When truth is revealed at that level is when you can create choices anchored in your intuition – and that’s where all the magic begins to happen.

Bring your open mind to this program.  Be prepared to let go of a few things you’ve always thought of as “true.”

But in order to do that you need to start listening to the wisdom that is guiding you towards a path of abundant and authentic success – defined only by you.

3.  An Understanding that Practice and Action Creates Results

There’s a big difference between thinking about something and actually doing it.  If you think that you can just learn concepts and not actually practice these amazing psychic tools for success and see tangible results in your life, then this program is not for you.

You are here to be a full expression of Spirit.  To experience the joy and abundance of life and in order to take part in life’s magic, you’ve got to dive right in and take action.  The more you embody these tools, the more they will work for you – it’s really that simple.


Here is what you will be receiving during our 5 week journey together:


Week 1:  Grounding Into Your Greatness

In order to be a clear channel for intuitive guidance, its necessary to build a strong relationship to your body and Soul.

By grounding into your greatness, you learn how to come in full alignment to the present moment and your unique life force energy.  That’s the key to creating a solid foundation to awakening your intuition.

Week 2:  Nurture Your Connection With Earth and Spirit

In order to make your dreams real, you’ve got to take all these flashes of insights and inspired ideas floating around in the Universe and move it into the body – which is here in 3-Dimensional time and space.  Now when your Body and Spirit are disconnected, then it becomes a struggle to manifest what you so desire in your life.  In this week, you’ll learn exactly how to nurture your connection, heal the body and create the space you need in order to ground your dreams into reality.

Week 3:  Center Into Neutrality and Balance Your Chakra System

Stepping into neutrality is how you illuminate the truth in every situation in your business and life.  It’s in this beautiful space where you can create empowered choices and see direct pathways of opportunity.

As an energetic being, you communicate intuitively with the world through your Chakras, which are energy centers that run along your spine.  But when your chakras are unbalanced or stuffed with a mish mash of negative energies, then your ability to receive signals from the world around you becomes hard to interpret.  You’ll learn techniques to make sure your entire Chakra system is running smoothly and open to receive guidance 24-7.

Week 4:  Release the Old and Thrive In the New while Maintaining Authenticity

In this week you’ll learn energetic tools to release old, outdated energies that keep you stuck in past patterns and paradigms.  In doing so, it allows you to fully step into your intuition, which only comes to you being in the present of who it is that you are.  You’ll also learn to maintain this new and higher way of being in your authenticity so that you don’t become energetically and physically drained in your life and business.

Week 5:  Embody Your Intuition Tools Through Energetic Intention

At this point, you’ve built an essential foundation to tapping into your energy and intuition.  The more of your energy that you have, the more you can experience in this lifetime.  Learning to embody everything you’ve learned so far and setting energetic intentions will be key to continuing to strengthen your relationship to your own inner wisdom.

Two Coaching Q&A Calls

Bring your questions and insights and we can go deeper in these group coaching calls.  I love answering questions and sharing with you intuitive insights.  So be prepared, you may get to receive a mini reading also, if I’m feeling guided to go in that direction with you.

Included in this training will be two hour long Coaching Q&Q Calls.  You can ask question even if you can’t make the “live” calls by sending me your question ahead of time and I’ll be sure to answer it on the call.  If you can be on the calls, expect some one on one laser coaching or intuitive clairvoyant readings.  This is also a great time to just share any insights of your own and experiences that you are having with the tools!

MP3 Recordings and Worksheets

You will receive MP3 Recordings of all 5 Training Calls and 2 Group Coaching Calls.  So even if you can’t make it a call live, you will have the recordings to listen to and you can always refer back to them at any time after the program is over!  Plus you’ll have worksheets as well!


Training Call Schedule:

Thursday February 10 at 5pm Pacific

Thursday February 17 at 5pm Pacific

Thursday February 24 at 5pm Pacific

Thursday March 3 at 5pm Pacific

Thursday March 10 at 5pm Pacific

Group Coaching Call Schedule:

February 22 at 5pm Pacific

Tuesday March 8 at 5pm Pacific



  • First 5 who sign up receive one complimentary 1 Hour Intuitive Clairvoyant Reading with me ($150 value)
  • First 10 who sign up receive a bonus 1 Hour “Psychic Tools to Manifest Money” Group Teleclass
    Learn techniques to clear out your money space and bring in more wealth in your pocket.


“I realize now that I had lost my confidence and I thank Christina for helping me take ownership and connect with my inner Goddess.”

Christina’s meditations, readings, and one-on-one coaching have helped me turn my day dreaming about designing bikinis into reality. I was unhappy with work, living each day knowing that I wasn’t passionate about what I was doing. My anxiety level was high and I was having a hard time coping with the stress of feeling “stuck”.

I saw Christina’s meetup posting for a Valentine’s meditation focused on Love, it was my first time trying meditation and I didn’t really know what to expect. I felt an immediate connection to her guidance during the meditation and after my reading I was hooked. I couldn’t wait to call everyone on the way home and share my experience! Christina helped me take ownership of my vision, she provided me with tools to tap into my creativity and after a meditation and reading I came up with a business name, concepts, sketches, and timeline to stick to. It felt amazing to realize that I COULD do something that I loved!

Each time I attend a meditation class I walk away feeling energized, happy, and balanced. I realize now that I had lost my confidence and I thank Christina for helping me take ownership and connect with my inner Goddess. I’d be happy to discuss my experience further with anyone considering Christina’s guidance.

LeTisha Garcia

“Her personal attention and coaching helped me to let go of a lot of worries that were clouding my mind.”

Christina is a joy to be around! She has helped me to unclutter my mind and learn to live in the present.

I enrolled in Christina’s intuition series while I was pregnant with my first child. My brain felt exactly how my garage looks. Full of stuff I needed to deal with and no room for the car. I was in a near panic state and needed to wrap my mind around the fact that I was about to become a parent. After my first class with Christina I felt a weight begin to lift. Her personal attention and coaching helped me to let go of a lot of worries that were clouding my mind. After the series of classes, I was better able to focus on my most important task at hand, starting a family. Learning to live in the present, has been the greatest gift to myself and my family.

I’d be happy to discuss my experience further with anyone considering Christina’s guidance.

Bonnie Kelso

“I needed to make a very important decision, and during one of her readings, I was given the answer more clearly than I had ever experienced in my life.”

Christina has been a beacon of light for me! The energy that she radiates is so full of love and hope and motivation. She has shown me how to trust myself more and keep a better sense of balance in my life.

I met Chrissy at a group meditation that she held about a year ago. It was the first such group I had ever attended, so I wasn’t really sure what to expect. She put me at ease by simplifying the meditation process for me, and I immediately knew that there was something very special about her. It was clear that she has something that I want.

I decided to take her 6-week meditation course, which has allowed me to see the Universe from a different perspective, truly changing my life. During the course, I was going through a very difficult and emotional period in my life. Chrissy taught me how to take care of and protect myself spiritually during that time. I needed to make a very important decision, and during one of her readings, I was given the answer more clearly than I had ever experienced in my life.

I continue to attend her groups and readings whenever I can to receive guidance as I make positive changes in my life, and I’ve highly recommended meeting with her to all of my friends. I’m more than willing to share my experiences with anyone who would like to know more!

Michelle Dragovich
S. Nevada Adult Mental Health Services

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Your Investment:   $297

Or Three Payments of  $107

Any question for me?  Feel free to email me at and I’d love to connect and get you clear whether this is the right program for you!

Love and Blessings,