I was having a convo with my girl, the pleasure catalyst Kerrie Blazek, crackin’ up and catching up on our businesses.

She said something beautiful that stuck with me.

When you love your business, it’s just like being in love.

‘Tis true. We geeked out.  When you’re in love you’ll pretty much do anything, travel several hours to see each other, stay up into the wee hours of the morning on the phone and make time for a quickie.

To the outside world, when I’m in major enthusiastic mode in my business, I can look like a workaholic.  Creating graphics on the weekends, testing opt-in forms at 2am, outlining new classes and the list goes on.  But in my reality, it doesn’t even feel like “work”.  It really feels like being in love.

I fall asleep listening to my fave Robert Ohotto, cuddled up on the couch with online marketing videos, and travel 2500 miles to New York city for business pow wows.  Time expands.  Our connection deepens.

Feeling in alignment with your purpose is love.  

Loving your business is essential to making it through the hurdles of failure, challenges, successes and growth.

Without love, there’s no commitment.  And that’s a recipe for failure.

A few tricks to stay gaga eyed for each other. 

Know what you’re creating together.  Pillow talk about the future.  Your desires and daydreams.

Be adventurous. Take a chance on teaching a new class or get on stage.  The same old routine can make you restless.  Get innovative, kinky, and risky.

Say I Love You.  Often.  When I’m in love, I just want to say it. I don’t care if the other person says it back.  I can be doing the dishes and he can be sitting on the couch and I get this feeling of love overwhelm me.  The expression bubbles up from the center of my Soul and just wants to be expressed.  Let it. Words carry powerful energy.  Love begets love.

Are you gushing in love with your business?

If not, what do you have to do to ignite the passion back again?

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Bring it on.  I’ll have my psychic head wrap on and my crystal ball. Ha!  See you LIVE!


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