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The Universe operates in a beautiful way by just being in perfect order. The earth rotates, the sun rises and sets, the waxing and waning of the moon, alignment of the stars, seeds grow into flowers, trees, fruits, birds migrate and bears sleep. Even when the world is struck with what seems to be chaos with cyclones, earthquakes, tsunamis there is still divine order to be found amongst what appears to be a disaster.

It knows it’s own presence, it’s own greatness that is mirrored within each and every one of us. When we can fall into the synchronicity of the Universe then we can align with this divine order… even when our lives seem far from divine. They are blessings in disguise with the synchronicity of losing a job, the sudden death of a loved one, illness. What is the Universal message we can walk away with? If we can find the stillness to breathe in acceptance, knowing that what is happening is perfect rather than focusing on it as being imperfect we can flow easily into synchronicity.

It is in accepting rather than resisting where we can find that peace within. Spirit and the Universe gives to us everything we need to experience in every moment to further our own development in this lifetime. Let us choose to ride life’s current in its twists and turns enjoying the sun on our face and the splashing of water to cool us down.