In my quest for streamlining my work, setting up systems, hiring a project manager, and delegating more, I have rediscovered a part of me that I haven’t fully embraced.

Pieces of it yes, but I’ve also dismissed it too in the form of “I need to get it done so I’ll do it myself.”

Mentors have told me in the past that this is an area I “should” delegate.

And I’ve grappled with this, wondering if I’m putting my energy in the right areas or if I’m continuing to do this out of fear of not getting it done the way I want it to.

This area is in design.

The branding, graphics, video, photography, color, artistry of I Love Intuition is an area that I truly adore.

I graduated with a degree in Interactive Multimedia.  I was learning graphic design, 3-D animation, digital video, sound, photography, and web design during a time when we had to code html frame sets from scratch and CGI was actually starting to look cool with the release of Toy Story and several years later, The Matrix.

I feel extremely blessed I have this skill set that has given me tools to create my own graphics, shoot and edit my own photography and video, understand the infrastructure of web design, and basic coding.

All these years I saw these multimedia elements of my business as something I know how to do so why not do it myself and get it done.

But I’ve realized that I adore this space.  I love bringing my artistry and energy into these areas.

Even when I work with other artists to help me with concepts or projects, I like to come up with the initial ideas and renderings then have them add, subtract, edit, and collaborate with me on it.

I have a vision of how I want things to look, feel, and be.

Creative control. Yes please.

Remember to bring it. All of YOU.  To every area of your life.

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