I am a big fan of Lady Gaga. I have been clairvoyantly studying the being that she is on a Soul Level and am quite fascinated at her ability to be vulnerable. She was given a gift that she has said “Yes!” to and is now expressing her gifts in a way that makes waves, not only through the music industry, but also through fashion, through pop culture and throughout the entire planet.

When you listen to your intuition, the gifts that Spirit gives to you begin to speak up loud and clear. You start to shine your light so much brighter and the more you emanate, the more you will be seen. In order to see clearly (clairvoyance) at the truths that are deep within you, then you must open up to see what it is you have to offer and be seen in a whole new way.

Listening to your intuition requires vulnerability. There is a level of trust in one’s self that you must have in order to surrender to your inner voice. This voice begins to prompt you to experience your life and your heart’s desires at the beat of your own drum or in Lady Gaga’s case to the tune of her own piano.

Yet vulnerability is a trait that most people shy away from due to fears of the unknown, a lack of trust in one’s self or others, fear of being taken advantage of, insecurity, a lack of self-confidence and the list goes on. We are creatures of comfort and would much rather have our lives under control. Vulnerability asks us to step out of what our culture, family or friends believe is “right” into what it is that we know as being true. To step out means to step into growth, expansion and an expression of our truth emotionally, physically, spiritually and mentally. This truth that resides in us, may or may not be regarded as truth in the eyes of others, causing forms of resistance against us.

It’s in this truth that we don’t know how things unfold, we don’t know if it will work, we don’t know if people will accept us, and sometimes we don’t even know if we’re walking in the right path when everyone else is heading in a different direction.

Not everyone is going to love us. Not everyone loves Lady Gaga, in fact I know many people in my immediate circle who loathe her. Now Lady Gaga can easily choose to fit into what may be acceptable in pop culture as an artist, but instead she gives herself permission to reveal a vibrant expression that individuals learn to love or hate. But are you willing to face resistance from others in order to really love the truth of your intuition and the path that it’s leading you towards? Can you be unloved by others in order to fully love yourself?

The more we love our truth, the more we are asked to not know what awaits us on the other side of the door. It’s through this unknowing that we activate the knowing of trust in ourselves and in Spirit. And trust is the key to unlocking your intuition. Being vulnerable to your intuitive guidance will always provide you with answers you are seeking, leading you in the highest direction that is aligned with your purpose.

Here are some questions for you to answer so you can begin to activate your intuition and faith through vulnerability:

  • Do you avoid your intuition because you know that it will lead you into a vulnerable situation? What are some reasons you are avoiding being vulnerable?

  • If there was no such thing as vulnerability and you always listened to your intuition, how would your life be different? Who would you be and what would you be creating in your life?

  • What are the characteristics you need to develop in order to be vulnerable and begin to have trust in your intuition?

  • Now take one of those characteristics and begin practicing that today by taking a small step in fully embodying your heart’s truth.

Vulnerability develops openness to receive intuitive guidance. If you’re feeling called to step up and out, ready to reveal the truth that you’ve been stuffing away in your heart, then now is the time to express your passions. The HeART of Intuition Brilliance provides you a step-by-step process to establish a deep faith and connection to your Intuition like you’ve never experienced before. I invite you to experience a complimentary I Love Intuition Soul Activation Call today.