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Thinking of You on my Birthday, I know this video will make you smile!

There is no one like you and birthdays are great reminders of how unique, magical and special we all are. Claim your day but most importantly, remember that every day is really a day for celebration.

The moment you open your eyes is a celebration for life, breath, purpose and gratitude. Often we get distracted by the hustle and bustle of our busy lives and forget to acknowledge the miracles that are accomplished during our journey.

There is always a reason to celebrate and I encourage you to reflect upon your past week and what you achieved for yourself. It doesn’t always have to be an over the top huge breakthrough but maybe you were able to donate a bag of clothes, or finished that book you’ve been putting off. When you celebrate your accomplishments you open up to self love, validation and joy. Living in these energies allows the gateway of your intuition to flow freely.

Using your intuition, ask yourself “What am I celebrating today and how would my spirit like to celebrate my accomplishments?” Listen to the inner voice within and honor your spirit right now by giving it the gift of celebration.

To learn how to live in these higher frequencies of celebration, then you will love my Meditations for Inner Awareness Tele-Class Series beginning June 3. The tools you gain from this course will open up the gateway of your intuition by validating your unique energetic blueprint. Learning to claim your space is certainly a reason to celebrate. Contact me to enroll today.