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Springtime happens to be my favorite season! First because I am a May Taurean and second because I just love the energy of growth Spring resonates. As we witness the process of nature awaken around us, budding trees, flowers blooming, bees buzzing, birds singing, we are also experiencing the same awakening into a new light.

In my meditation this morning, I asked to look at the energy of this year’s Spring and what message I may share with all of you. I noticed that many of us are experiencing a huge transformation where we are shedding our old selves; this may come in the form of spring cleaning, getting rid of physical items we no longer need to hold onto, changing of homes, moving to a new city, transition into a new career, and evaluating and realigning of various relationships in our lives.

With these transformations, we know certain aspects of our lives are no longer working anymore and its inevitable we move beyond that which no longer serves a purpose for us. The problem that I’m seeing is that many of us become stuck in this transition of knowing what doesn’t work in our lives but not knowing how life will be if we move out of what we have always known.

And so we have fear creeping into our space whispering those “what if’s”, keeping us in a loop of self-doubt and hesitation as we teeter back and forth from old to new. Yet we know our past circumstances are no longer who we are anymore, becoming evident in the longing of our spirits and dissatisfaction of our circumstances. Being mindful of that fear is how we remain steadfast in our path, not allowing it to penetrate our space and keeping us frozen in time. Just simply acknowledge the fear with a firm “no thank you” and ground into the greatness that is awakening within us right this very moment! And if we give into the fear then we don’t allow our greatness to shine through.

We must bring certainty into our step, keen to the fact that as we move beyond our comfort zone and beyond our old selves; we are welcomed into the warm embrace of love, unity, expansion and higher consciousness in who we are and what truly resonates within us. Recognizing the fear and transmuting it into enthusiasm and certainty then we can fully walk with courage along our path.

Invite with compassion and patience the occurrence of a new foundation taking shape all around us, where we can be rooted in our being. An unshakable infrastructure based upon our principles and values that we are holding near and dear to our hearts, we can no longer fake a smile to the world anymore, our spirit is asking to be seen as its innate essence and be who we really are! It’s necessary to secure our footing into this new foundation we are creating and hold hands together in unity. The more the merrier I say!

We are the master architects of the world we live in! Let’s come together, helping one another make sure we are each utilizing the tools of Love, Forgiveness, Compassion, Kindness and Joy to draw up the blue prints into this new phase of emergence. I ask that we all remember to have fun in creating this new foundation. We are allowed to build our foundation with any materials we wish, decorate it how we like, make it fun, fabulous and dream big!

Trust in you, trust in each other, trust in love, trust in the light, trust that the Universe is always on our side cheering us on and opening perfect doors of possibilities for us to easily walk through. Our true selves is awakening from a slumber, we are opening our eyes to the magnitude of magnificence within us and we must trust in this unfolding process, knowing that fear can’t live in the same space as love.

Have gentle compassion as we blossom amongst the energy of Spring and cherish the flowering of the world. Remember to own our gait, walking at whatever pace we feel is comfortable to us… and engage unconditional love, eternal enthusiasm, and vivid certainty in that step whether it’s a hop, skip or a jump forward!

Infinite Peace, Love and Blessings!


Christina Ambubuyog

Artist, Intuitive Consultant, Transformation Coach

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