March 17, 2011

Lots going on, but first, if we’re not connected on Facebook yet then please join me on my new page at YAY! I’m a tad bit addicted to social media at time ( i admit) so its a good place for me to meet many of you I haven’t met yet and share insights, resources, and just connect. My intention is to make it an interactive community of heart centered, soul inspired change makers, entrepreneurs, Goddesses and lightworkers. It’s SO FUN to connect globally!

I received some fabulous news today!  One of my clients told me she implemented specific energy tools I had taught her and made an “unreal” (quoted from her) amount of money that day – triple of what she normally makes.  I thought that was pretty darn cool!

You know, money is an energy and when you can clear the energy around your money, then voila!  You create the flow to receive more.  I’m really excited to be teaching you these exact energy techniques in my upcoming teleclass series called “Psychic Money”” Convert Clarity into Cash”, So stay tuned!

"Getting Ready to Create at Vision Bash"

We had a wonderful time during the New Moon Vision Bash Playshop. There was lots of love, positive energy and creative power that was happening as everyone intutively tuned into the vision of their heart’s desired. Couple that with the energy of the New Moon and the room was vibrating with magic. Here’s the pic of our circle of vision love that I like to magnify with tons of light.

The ability to use the energy of our vision and light is quite powerful.  And because of what’s happening in Japan right now, it’s important to remember to bathe everyone being affected, which is truly every single person on this planet with this healing light and to see them divinely protected.

Seeing you living in brilliance, joy and abundance! Namaste!