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The funny thing about intuition is that when you’re trying to get “unstuck” from a problem you may be experiencing you’ll receive guidance for about one or two next steps on your path.  Yes, that is all.

Action is required to receive your next steps.  Ask.  Intuition talks.  Take action.  Ask again.  Rinse and repeat.

Have you found yourself praying and praying, doing the rain dance and begging the Universe for clarity, only to sit and wait until you have it all figured out before you take action?  Mmmhhhmmm, I’ve done it too.

Intuitive living doesn’t work that way.

Your clarity comes through action.

Last night I had my first USTREAM event and it was awesome.  It was a total intuitive move.  I wanted to connect more with my community and I asked how. Inspiration came through to have a live video stream event.  I can do that, even though it freaks me out.

And then came all the work that had to happen from marketing to figuring out all the technology.  The big day came and I loved it.  I had such a great time, gave readings, talked shop on authenticity, survived several tech difficulties and received wonderful feedback from participants and my bestie who took notes on how to make it better.

Afterwards I felt like I sprouted like a beanstalk with all that I learned about the beautiful ILI community I serve, video streaming, what worked, what didn’t and of course myself.

Then I was up late flooded with all these inspired ideas of different ways I can use this platform to connect even more. Could it be that I’m receiving my next steps?   That’s how intuition works.

There’s no better way to figure out your purpose other than doing it.  If you find yourself constantly wondering “what am I supposed to do with my ______?” (fill in the blank: life, relationship, business, finances etc.), just ask for your next step.

But most importantly take action on the guidance you receive.

I Love Intuition was born out of doing.  Believe me, when I was a kid I didn’t dream up this whole shebang.  I never thought I’d be a professional psychic, intuitive, teacher, artist, all that good stuff.  Oh wait, the only thing I do remember dreaming up was being an artist.

Through listening to my intuition, following my heart, believing in myself (even when people said I was crazy) and taking action is how I got here.

No magic wand.  All trial and error.

What’s your one next step you need to take in an area you feel fuzzy in?  Even if you don’t see the entire path, you’re not supposed to.  It’s always revealed.

If you’re ready to take seriously playful, highly energetic and totally on purpose kind of action then apply for your complimentary Express Your Soul Session.

Seeing you living in brilliance, joy and abundance. Namaste.


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