I Love Clarity
A One-on-One Intuitive and Psychic Reading

If you’re going back and forth on making a big decision, you’re overwhelmed with a ton of ideas and not sure which one to choose, feeling frustrated with not enough clients, cash, or courage, or you need a third eye to help you create the meaningful relationship you desire, I got you babe.

You + me for a one-on-one Soul jam where you’ll you gain massive clarity, confidence, and practical strategies to move you forward. 

An Intuitive Reading is a beautiful way to receive guidance on a specific question, get in touch with your purpose, or discover the most authentic path when you’re at a crossroads.  Relationships, life, and business are my areas of expertise so get ready to go from stuck to soaring in no time.

We’ll kick off with your burning question and I’ll use my psychic powers to cut through the chaos and illuminate the truth.  Any energetic obstacles that are holding you back will be cleared using energy healing techniques on your chakras, aura or even past lives… Oh my!

You’ll get the answers you need + a do-able action plan you can implement right away for immediate results.  Think of it as a cosmic cocktail of intuitive insights, strategic planning, and powerful coaching topped off with a dose of healing light.

Get ready to receive what you want AND deserve… big time.

Enlightening, soulful, and delivered with love.

To book your private one-on-one session:

  1. Simply choose which reading you’d like to receive and purchase using the payment button below.
  2. You’ll be directed to a questionnaire to fill out and emailed to me.
  3. Once we receive your questionnaire, you’ll receive an email from us to schedule your session.
  4. All readings are via phone or Skype for international friends.  A recording of your session can be available upon request as a downloadable mp3.


60-Minute Intuitive Reading

This reading is ideal if you have several questions or areas you’d like to explore and gain a clear understanding of what is most aligned with your Soul and how to create what you want.  We can also energetically clear any blocks that may be inhibiting the flow of abundance, success, or love in your life.

I love clarity BUY button 60 min


To make the most out of your session, how to prepare and what to expect, read through the FAQ’s dahling!

Still have more questions?  Contact me here.


Shelley Hayes color web small“Christina is a masterful healer…”

Christina is a masterful healer and spiritually connected source of guidance. We are lucky to have her beautiful presence in our world. Christina provided me with an amazing healing experience after a very difficult time in my life. I was feeling disconnected, foggy and unclear about myself after a significant transition.

Christina’s powerfully loving healing lifted me up when I needed it most and gave me back to my true Self. I highly recommend Christina’s work as a healer, coach and intuitive and would be thrilled to talk to anyone who would like more information.

Shelley Hayes, ShelleyHayes.com



Amber“Getting a reading from Christina reset my mindset and my focus for the year ahead.”

Before my intuitive reading, I was debating which direction I should take my business next — Steady eddy or go big? Christina aptly tapped into some of the family changes I had going on at the time, giving me both clarity in my business and my home life.

Getting a reading from Christina reset my mindset and my focus for the year ahead. She challenged me and considered the well being of not only myself, but my whole family based on how each of us individually are coping. As family is one of my greatest values, this extra detail meant the world to me.

Amber McCue, NiceOps.com


Tami Cunningham“What would I say to someone considering working with Christina? I’d say what’s taking you so long?”

Before working with Christina, I felt like my practical side and my creative side were at odds. What I THOUGHT I should be doing and what I WANTED to do just couldn’t come together. I LOVED the reading. Everything Christina mentioned was dead on. I got so much clarity on life and business, including how to accept my way of thinking as a gift.  What would I say to someone considering working with Christina? I’d say what’s taking you so long?

Tami Cunningham, GiftingSweet.com


TPProfessionalShot“Just weeks after speaking with her I was able to finish writing my first book and had three speaking engagement booked!” 

Christina blew my mind! I came to her when I felt like I needed more clarity surrounding relationships and my business. She read me and who I was instantly without ever talking to me before.  She helped me to identify why I had a recurring pattern in my relationships with men helping to clear and heal it so that I could open myself up to new love and relationships. As for my business, she help me identify my business archetype and the direction I should be headed in.  She helped me refocus myself and my brand in a more purposeful fashion, and just weeks after speaking with her I was able to finish writing my first book and had three speaking engagements booked.

Taria Pritchett, RegalRealness.com


I look forward to supporting you!


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