I hate to admit this, but I moved 7 months ago and my stuff is still in boxes.

I’ve unpacked my bare necessities, gradually adding to the décor and beautifying our space.  There are still key elements that add to the essence packed away securely in taped up cardboard.

Much of my artwork is still wrapped in paper.  My precious library of literary wisdom hasn’t seen the light in months, and I keep adding to this towering pile of paperwork since my file cabinet is nonexistent.

This morning I woke up feeling anxious about it all.  Every time I walk past the paper, the boxes, my artwork propped up on the floor, I tell myself “I’ll get to it later.”

This voice at times is lazy. Complacent.  Forgiving.  Or even motivational like “Oh yea, today is the day I FINALLY shred you!”

But what never changes is that voice is clutter in my head.  She’s becoming a repetitive excuse to stay in my frenzy of disorganization.

Her continuous reassurance that I will get it done later has turned into a vampire.  Building a tolerance to the clutter is slowly sucking away at my ability to feel present, happy, and joyful in my own home.

I’m driving my wooden stake in her.  Okay, maybe I need not be so dramatic, and shift this with grace.

It’s time for a clean sweep and get the stagnant energy flowing and free.

Got some dust bunnies to tackle?  Let’s begin…

1.  Walk around your home with a paper and pen and write down all the areas you want to clear out or organize. Add to the list any “tolerations” or fixes needed such as the patio light bulb that needs to be replaced, or the ceiling fan remote that needs new batteries.

2.  Now that you have your list, take a look at it from a fresh perspective and minus the shame.  Prioritize your list from what’s sucking the most energy from you to the least energy draining tolerance.

Energy suckers will feel heavy, draining, and probably cause you the most frustration.  They will feel like either the biggest task OR it could be something so simple that it’s drains you because you beat yourself up wondering why the hell you just don’t fix it when it’s that freakin’ easy.

3.  Then start tackling the biggest vampire.  If it’s a big project that may require more time then schedule it in your calendar.  One of my favorite books on organization is Julie Morgenstern’s Organizing from the Inside Out.  A must read.

4.  Once you’ve got that done. Then go to the end of your list and knock that baby off.  Yup, we’re not going in order here.  But letting yourself clear both big and small energies from your space.  Any movement will bring forth clarity.

5.  Try to tackle at least one thing on your list per day.  Of course, depending on big the projects are they may take more than one day but you get the point.  Keep it moving.

6.  Every time you’ve cleared some clutter.  Feel your energy.  Can you feel more mental bandwidth?  Do you feel less stress?  Are you opening up to brand new ideas?

Shifting your energy in one area will magically affect other areas in your life.  Tweet this!

Here are a few things on my list, from bloodsucking to slow draining.

1.  Paper pile.

2.  Get an estimate for custom made bookshelves.

3.  Transfer everything from old drawers into new drawers.

4.  Add more shelves in closet.

5.  Organize my shoes.

Writing that down is already making me feel empowered, in charge, and ready to free up some energy.  I guess you all know what I’ll be doing on a Friday night 🙂