Now this week I have mixed it up by giving YOU the opportunity to have your questions answered by me on my videos.  Check out today’s very first episode!

Did you know that certain thoughts, patterns, energy and beliefs could actually dim your ability to shine your light, truth and purpose?

If they are not aligned to who you are today and what you are called to create this life, then they can hinder you from moving forward, being authentic and prevent you from receiving clear intuitive guidance.

Today’s video I am answering a wonderful question that I received and giving you 3 ways you can clear the layers that cover up your inner light so that you can shine like a supernova.



After watching this video, I want to hear from you two things:

  1. What is one light infused belief, pattern or thought that you are choosing for yourself today?
  2. By giving yourself permission to be bold, what is one action step you will take to shine your light this week?

Leave your answers in the comments on my below.  And of course if you have any wisdom you’d like to share about how you have personally released old energies, limiting beliefs and past patterns that keep your light low, please let us know!

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Seeing you living in brilliance, joy and abundance!  Namaste!