Have you noticed that as you open up to your own intuition and accessing more of your energy, authenticity and purpose, different areas of your life and business seem to fall apart?  Maybe technology seems to breakdown, or you experience car problems, perhaps your relationships get a little rocky or even your health becomes affected.

This is an energetic process of receiving more.  Yes things may seem to fall apart but in actuality it is less about letting go but more about receiving a higher energy that is in alignment with who you truly are and who you are meant to be.

So how do you create balance when you continue to grow in your life and business?

Well I’ll show you exactly what I do in the midst of actually doing it (hint: poolside video time from me) in order to receive more energy.  And I can’t emphasize enough that the more energy you have here in your body and in the present time, the more energy you will have to create your heart’s desires.


Check out this week’s video and share with me in the comments below, what are 3 things you are going to put into place to create more balance in your life and business!

And for those ready to step it up in your life and business guided by your intuitive wisdom to open up continuous doors of receiving more abundance while giving graciously your passions and talents, then I invite you for a one on one private complimentary Soul Activation Call.  Just send me an email to info@iloveintuition.com and we can gain clarity about what your next steps are and how to make that happen all while having fun too 🙂

Seeing you living in brilliance, joy and abundance! Namaste!