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I personally don’t believe in the whole twin flame idea. Ever since I learned about it many moons ago, I sat with it for a while and it just didn’t resonate with me.  As much as I wanted to believe in all its glory, it feels like spiritual fluff that our ego wants to believe in because we totally love the idea of being with “the one.”

Now let me be clear here, I absolutely believe that we can have a soulful, aligned and beautiful long-term committed relationship with someone that we can evolve with.  However, do I believe that there is only “one soul” that I can do that with?

Ummm, no.

I don’t buy into the whole notion that the twin flame is the “other half” of my soul.
Yes I know the whole belief around it says that we are still a complete soul within the twin flame.   But seriously, you need another soul to make you whole?   That smells like a shame driven idea that we need a twin flame in order to be complete or to balance out our masculine and feminine energies.

In case you forgot…
You are whole.
You are complete.
You are a Divine expression of love.
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Let’s talk soul mates though.

I believe in the essence of soul mates BUT I also believe that soul mates are those that we contract with to help each other grow in this life and that we are not just limited to one.

Your soul mate can be your best friend, your dog, your niece, or even the ex-lover that you walked in on sleeping with some other woman.

Your soul mate doesn’t necessarily have to be someone who stays around your entire life or you create magical memories with. Your soul mate could be that ex-lover who took complete advantage of you so that you learned how to stand up for yourself and never take that shit again.

Creating a soulful relationship is more than just whether or not this person is your twin flame or soul mate.

It’s about conscious choice, compatibility, co-creation, being vulnerable through challenges, fears and uncertainty, taking personal responsibility for how you show up and your ability to be present with yourself and your partner each and every day.

To know if someone is “the one” for you will come from the depths of your Soul.   By being present in your own heart you will just know.   If you’re floating around in la la land and trying to analyze if he or she is your twin flame, you’ll miss out on your intuitive wisdom.

Simply be in the experience of your heart, your soul AND your humanity.  By doing so, what’s true for you and the perfect relationship for you will always be revealed.

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