I was catching up with a friend the other week and part of the conversation entailed much overwhelm I had in my life. As I look back at that moment I truly was wrapped up in that fog of having numerous aspects of my business to balance and having a hard time trusting where it was all going. In the midst of my dramatic rant, my friend mentioned to me in a gentle way “I remember when this was all just a dream for you.” That significant reminder awakened a spark of light within, quickly lifting the fog away as I allowed myself to slowly embrace the overwhelm and transmute it into celebration and a true blessing.

Reflecting in silence after that conversation, I cried tears of joy remembering that yes, years ago I had dreamed of giving readings, teaching meditation classes, painting the days away, going on missions, leading retreats and just changing the world by sharing what I love to do.

I knew I had talents and gifts that I now embrace as Spirit moving in and through me, these gifts I lovingly give to help empower you. It was a big huge fluffy enormous dream, just a thought and a longing in my heart and soul and not physically real at the time.

Actually I really didn’t fully believe in myself that it could be done but with determination, goal setting, affirmations and positive thinking somehow someway it is happening today!

During these times of overwhelm I have to bring in compassion and patience for myself, knowing that everything comes with Divine Timing. With patience we are reminded to slow down and realize the evolution, change and blossoming, inside and out.

With that Realization comes Celebration! Often we forget to celebrate the milestones of our journey, focusing on what needs to be done or what hasn’t been done yet rather than what we have accomplished. It takes a combination of patience, persistence, drive and commitment to realize your dreams and see your passions lead you in the right direction.

Although it may seem far from your big goal, remember to honor any achievements along the way. These celebrations during the journey is what keeps the magic alive while reflecting on how far we have come from when it was just a dream.

Understand what Celebration Means to You.
They say there are two ways to be happy: One is to have everything you want and the other is to be grateful for what you have. The latter being able to achieve right now at this moment! Having the attitude of gratitude is key to understanding how to celebrate all that you do.

Ask yourself, what are you grateful for and how can you celebrate that in your life? Do you love going to the spa? Perhaps a celebration can be going out for ice cream with the kids? There is no big or small celebration, and so however you choose to celebrate, make it meaningful to you!

Find One Reason to Celebrate Today. This could be getting your to do list checked off, stretching yourself by trying something you’ve never done before, or even extending an act of kindness can be a wonderful reason to celebrate as well. Celebrations don’t always have to be achievements but also through changing behaviors, habits, or moving out of your comfort zone.

Take a moment to commit to celebrating one thing today. Today I am celebrating writing this newsletter to you by taking a stroll to the park in my community and basking in the sun.

Create a Celebration Journal. Buy yourself a special journal and from the day you were born, write down all that you have celebrated in your entire life! Highlight anything you feel is important, whether it’s your first baby steps to when you met your best friend or even breaking up with a past lover that wasn’t serving you any longer.

The more we recognize the celebrations, gratitude and joys in our lives, the more we resonate that high vibrational energy within us and the Universe will give us tons more things to celebrate!!! So go ahead, turn up the music, raise your champagne glasses, dance and party! Cheers to you!!! You truly, deeply and wholeheartedly deserve it!

Feel free to email me with what you are accomplishing today and would love to hear all the fantastic ways you are celebrating your life! And if you’re struggling to fulfill your dream, contact me to discuss how I can help you create, achieve your vision and celebrate with you along the way!