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One day my freshman high school English teacher handed me back my homework, and nicely asked me to stop doodling all over the my papers.  The borders of my loose leaf sheets were always lined with images and drawings that I made during class or when I was in the midst of contemplating what to write about.  Up until now, I keep plenty of paper near me to doodle my way to answers.

Our intuition and subconscious speaks to us through symbols.  Beyond words and our logical minds contains the space that speaks the language of the collective unconscious.  Doodling is one of the ways to express what’s beneath, above, and within you that is waiting to be revealed.

Whenever I’m stuck, I draw.  Not only is it therapeutic for me, but also I’m able to find answers because I get out of analyzing and move into the part of us that already knows.

Next time you need some insights, try doodling instead…

Grab yourself a blank sheet of paper and a pen.

  1. Focus on an area that you’re trying to find a solution to or something you’re looking to create and just let that idea be in your mind.  At the same time, let yourself relax into a daydream type space.
  2. With your pen in hand, begin to doodle any thoughts, images, feelings that come to mind.  Remember, this isn’t about perfection or making things look “pretty” so get over the part of you that says “I’m not an artist.”
  3. Allow yourself to doodle until you feel complete.  Take as much time as you need to.  Step away and go on with your day.  Perhaps even sleep on it and then come back to doodles.  See it from a fresh perspective and let the images intuitively speak to you.  Receive any insights, ideas, or feelings that come up or you may also see some new images appear from your doodles.
  4. What are these symbols saying to you?  How do you interpret the message that you are receiving through your drawings?  What feelings come up as you reflect on what you’ve created?  Journal anything that comes to mind and trust that the answer you’re searching for will be revealed to you.

Share your doodles on instagram using the hashtag #iloveintuition.  I’ll help you interpret the intuitive meaning behind your creations!

Happy doodling!!!

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