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After giving an intuitive reading session, clients sometimes ask, “Does it drain you to give readings?”

The answer is no.

In fact I become extremely energized, inspired, open, and there’s a profound healing that I receive conducting a session.

During a reading or energy healing, the overall intent for both a reader and receiver is to create positive movement and purpose.

Because let’s face it, when you’re seeking the support of an intuitive, in essence you want insight, direction, clarity, and a desire to know if you’re on the right track.  You want to get ahead in your own life in some way.

You want to feel connected to your own Soul.

And as an intuitive reader and spiritual teacher, of course I want this for you too. It’s why I’m here.

I also want the same for myself.

Don’t we all?

So we both share this primary intent of forward movement and soul connection.  By coming together during an intuitive reading, energy moves more rapidly for the both of us towards our own individual visions and purpose.

Because at this level we are working in the realm of subtle energy where there is no time and space.  We can clear energy instantly and the messages do not come from you nor me but from a higher wavelength of Divinity.

As you heal, so do I.

As you gain clarity, so do I.

As you surrender to what your soul wants for you, so do I.

By being of service to you, I am being of service to myself. Tweet this!

The beautiful insights, truths, and guidance that come through in a reading also give me wisdom for my own life too.

I get the gift of reflecting on my own patterns, where I need to heal and the lessons I learn from my client’s challenges and strengths that I can implement in my own life.

With every reading and healing, I am humbled at the resilience of the human Spirit, the perseverance through pain, and the dreams that lay dormant to be awakened once again.

No, this is not draining.

It’s sacred, empowering, and exhilarating to be able to see into one’s soul, deliver Divine messages, and facilitate healing and trust in my clients’ lives.

There really isn’t anything “special” that I’ve been given to do this.  I’ve taught my niece and various clients how to give readings and healings too.

I have so much more I want to share with you about tapping into your intuition so you too can provide guidance and healing for family, friends, or your clients.

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