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Before I begin looking into the New Year, it’s important that I take a deep dive into what has happened this year.

To be honest, this was one of my hardest years yet.  I started off broken.  Entering into 2013 still healing from a divorce.  I was rebuilding my entire life with fresh earth beneath my feet.  Creating a new rhythm, feeling lost, confused, and slept a lot.  Big thanks to my BFF for texting me every day to make sure I get out of bed.

It’s amazing how you can feel so much pain and so much ecstasy, moment by moment.  At the same time I also stepped into 2013 feeling liberated, awake, and like a 5 year old ready for my first day in kindergarten.  I was giddy with all the new experiences to be discovered.

I would say the first half of this year I spent in quietude.  Rest.  Rejuvenation.  Healing.  Becoming.  Being born.

Mid year I moved into a creative birthing of old dreams coming to life, which sustained it’s energy up through now.  I feel like I’ve met the “ME” I’ve been waiting for.

I thought I’d share with you what I personally do to reflect, celebrate, and create more space for magic to arrive.  My end of year rituals have pretty much encompassed a version of the following I’m about to walk you through below.  I tweak with each year and there’s much more that goes on with it too.  But here are the key pieces I feel must happen before you dare flip that calendar and try to figure out what’s going to happen beyond Jan 1st.

I like to use markers since color makes everything more vibrant and sheets of paper.   Light a candle.  Burn some incense.  Turn on your best songs of the year.  Get into the mood.

First things first is to write down every single YAY, Hip Hip Hooray, Celebration, Manifestation, Achievement, High Five you can think off.  Go through every part of your life – personal, business, relationships, career, money, health, emotional, Spiritual.

After you’ve created this list, take a loving look at it.  Choose your Top 5 and say them out loud.  Breathe in the energy of celebration, clap your hands, jump up and down, cartwheel, do the butterfly, and screech with excitement at the top of your lungs!  Congratulations Goddess!  You’re amazing, brilliant, and made massive strides this year!

My Top 5 Celebrations for 2013 are:

  1. Created, launched, and experienced the Art of Trust, our first ever retreat with Kyrsten Barrett in Lake Tahoe, CA.  Whoa!  I’ve dreamt of this for years and it finally came true.
  2. Listened intently to my intuition, which guided me to take it sloooow especially in the beginning of this year.  I was in a healing “sling” for several months and took time away from my business to focus a lot on myself.  It was a true test of faith, receptivity, and being fully supported by Spirit.  I’m still amazed at how many miracles happened when I would completely surrender.
  3. Launching of the New I Love Intuition website!  Holy lobster truffle macaroni (fave appetizer at Holstein’s Las Vegas)!  This was like birthing 10 lb triplets.  It took everything out of me, pushed me way out of my comfort zone, and I am so grateful for all the help I received in the process.
  4. Falling in love.  I admit, I am totally head over heels for my man.  I did some massive healing work to really receive a new relationship in my life again and it most certainly paid off.   I had to work through clearing out the old energies, moving through the fog of “is it too soon?” and trusting fully in myself and letting my heart feel happiness again.  The key to welcoming a new love partnership:  Forgiveness, forgiveness, and more forgiveness.  More on this in an upcoming blog post.
  5. Speaking at TEDx Fremont East Women.  One word: Exhilarating!

Once you’re revved up with all the greatness you’ve achieved.  Start a new list of all the things you are letting go of.  Everything you DO NOT want to bring with you into the New Year.  Take a good look at this and give yourself permission to release it all with love, forgiveness, and good riddance.

My Top 5 things I’m letting go of:

  1. Inconsistency.  Much of the year was finding a new rhythm for myself.  All the massive change coming out of 2012 threw me for a loop and my whole rhythm just felt off.  This definitely reflected in every area of my life – especially in physical movement and my business.  Inconsistency has gots to go.
  2. Lack of movement.  My body needs to move regularly again and I’m looking for a good new workout to get the blood flowing.  I loved Insanity but now I need a change of pace.  Email me with suggestions!
  3. Hermit tendencies.  When things get tough I retreat into a shell.  It’s a fine line for me since I need lots of alone time.  But I definitely know the difference of when that is necessary and when I’m hiding.  No more hiding.
  4. Letting my snail mail pile up.  It’s a little ridiculous how much mail (lots of junk) gets all piled up until I sit down one day to spend way too much time sorting through everything.   It’s a hot mess and I’m over it.  See you never mail mound.
  5. Lack thoughts.  Lately I’ve been aware of some really icky thoughts of not enoughness.  I welcome in more abundant thoughts and ways of being, seeing, and receiving.

Now that you’re clear of what you’re letting go of.  Grab your markers and start a new list of every single thing you’ve learned this past year. Include all your lessons of success and failures, missteps and giant leaps.  Breathe these in with a sense of growth, gratitude, and transformation.  How do these lessons serve you in moving forward?

My Top 5 Lessons Learned:

  1. My body is ultra sensitive, energetically and physically.  The more that I’m connected to my body, work on my chakras, aura, live purposefully and eat mindfully – the more tuned in I am to my body and the more I’m sensitive to foods, energies, interactions around me.  I’ve learned to manage it well and what works and doesn’t work.  This will always be an ongoing process but it’s amazing how the body never lies and this keen dialogue I have with the wisdom of my body.
  2. How to delegate and receive more support in my business.  All the things that have been created would not have been created without all the generous hands whose particular gifts bring their essence to I Love Intuition.  This also includes support from having my own coach, healers, mentors that I work with to keep me on track and focused.
  3. Dreams totally manifest quickly when I’m hyper focused, clear on my intentions, share it with a core group of people, and get to work.
  4. I need better systems in both my life and business.  There was a lot of upheaval this year and I’ve noted where things fall through he cracks and the need to tighten up the ship.  I’ve got a whole world to sail and discover.
  5. When there’s something big I’m creating, it requires a TON of energy – emotional, physical, mental, Spiritual, to birth it.  Giving myself ample time for execution and integration afterwards is a must.

And take a DEEP.  BREATH.  IN…

There’s one more step.

Take a totally new sheet of paper and just free write everything you’re grateful for, all the things you’ve accomplished, learned, letting go of.  Scribble out all your fears, worries, anxieties, hopes, dreams, and wishes of the past year.  Write till your done writing.  This may take several pages, or may be just a paragraph.  Trust in your own completion.

Then rip it into pieces, and put a flame to it.  Caution: please do this safely outdoors.  I like to use a planter with some soil in it and put all my pieces of paper inside to burn.  Then I douse it water afterwards and spread all the remains into the earth.

As the pieces are burning I just completely let go of the year, releasing it to Spirit and creating room in my Soul to receive the new.

I’ll usually do a chakra clearing as well and spend time in meditation afterwards.

Then I’m on to planning out for what I want next.  Sometimes I can do this immediately, other times I need several days to work out what I want to create for the New Year.  If you need support with getting clear on what your Soul wants to create for 2014, a private intuitive reading is perfect to see what the New Year has in store for you.  We can clear out the old energies that are holding you back, and align you to receive all you desire energetically and practically.

I can’t wait to hear what you’re celebrating!  Leave a comment to let me know what you’re happy dancing about, letting go of, and the lessons you’ve learned in 2013.  Cheers to a miraculous New Year!