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Happy New Year!  Before you read on, I made this quick video just for you!

As we move into the new year, we’re doing it again with the annual Good Riddance Event where I’ll be taking you through this ritual of letting go of 2014 and welcoming the energy of 2015.

It includes a live virtual workshop, daily meditations, practical exercises + a 12 month angel card reading to set you up for the year!

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Last year’s event was super powerful and I’m excited to do it all again this year!

Now let’s get on with today’s intuitive insight.  I’m sure you’re thinking the same thing, “I can’t believe it’s already 2015!” or “Where did the past year go?”

As we transition into the new, for the most part my yearly rituals consist of the same three pieces before I start prepping for the next year.  You’ll find this is similar from last year’s post but obviously it will be of a reflection of this year.

Grab several sheets of paper or your journal and markers to fill your life with color.  Set your sacred space whether you need to light a candle, sage your home, or pour yourself a glass of wine.

First things first is to write down every single YAY, Hip Hip Hooray, Celebration, Manifestation, Achievement, High Five you can think off.  Go through every part of your life – personal, business, relationships, career, money, health, emotional, Spiritual.

After you’ve created this list, take a loving look at it.  Choose your Top 5 and say them out loud.  Breathe in the energy of celebration, clap your hands, jump up and down, cartwheel, do the butterfly, and screech with excitement at the top of your lungs!  Congratulations Goddess!  You’re amazing, brilliant, and made massive strides this year!

My Top 5 Celebrations for 2014 are:

1.  New home!  I moved into a new home and it’s gorgeous.  It’s sparkly, airy, and quiet.  It’s still in the process of being beautified, adding to it as the inspiration and the right pieces come into our lives.

I tell the home how much I love it daily and how grateful I am for it.  Be sure you acknowledge your own home, apartment, or room – wherever you live.  The more you create a relationship with your space (even if it’s not exactly your “dream home”) the more it serves you and your purpose.

2.  Wonderful connections, fellowship, and sisterhood.  I feel like this year I’ve made amazing connections as well as deepened my connections and relationships.  I want more of that!  I don’t consider myself a person with a ton of friends but I do like to forge connections that are strong, meaningful, and inspiring.

It feels so good to have friendships with people I truly admire.  Sometimes we need to evaluate whom we surround ourselves with.  Give yourself permission to curate your relationships in a way that not only uplifts your Soul but you are available to those people to offer your wisdom, gifts, and presence too.

3.  The launch of Intuition Mastery.  My own intuition has been guiding this for well over a year and I’m really happy that despite all the work, mindset shifts, and inner energy healing I had to do to put this together, I moved through it all.

The women of Intuition Mastery (we’re in our 3rd month of 6 months) are all so brilliant, courageous, and I feel honored to be mentoring them in becoming Intuitive and Spiritual Readers and Healers.  Watch out world!!!  Some badass Psychics and Spiritual Leaders are here to blaze trails of magic, transformation, and conscious creation!

4.  Support and Systems.  This year I’ve had strong mentors, a powerful mastermind, hired my first Project Manager and despite going through several assistants, I’ve found a solid member for I Love Intuition.  I’ve created better structure and systems (which is always a work in progress!) and learned so much about what works and what doesn’t work.

5.  Going to the movies.  You may be thinking what an odd celebration that is BUT let me just say it’s been quite refreshing!  My man is a major movie maniac.  He watches pretty much everything.  So this past year, I have actually gone to the movie theatres more than I’ve gone in the past 10 years.

I’m not a big movie person, I would prefer to watch a documentary, must be the teacher/student in me.  A movie has to be worth my time because I have much better things I can do for two hours instead of sitting in front of a screen.  Some of my faves this year have been Guardians of the Galaxy (3-D Imax was awesome) and Interstellar.

Once you’re revved up with all the greatness you’ve achieved.  Start a new list of all the things you are letting go of.  Everything you DO NOT want to bring with you into the New Year.  Take a good look at this and give yourself permission to release it all with love, forgiveness, and good riddance.

My Top 3 Things I’m Letting Go Of:

1.  Telling myself that I’ll do it later.  I’ve noticed this past year how much I say that in my head within a day, from a range of big tasks to little tasks.  I’m being more conscious about it, paying attention to when I catch myself saying it in my head.  If it takes less than 5 minutes and won’t completely derail my brain from what I’m focused on, I automatically just do whatever I tell myself I’ll do later.

2.  Being too lenient on myself.  There’s a difference between compassion for the self and complacency.  Compassion for the self is necessary when we’re being ultra hard on ourselves or when fear, hurt or pain arises within.  But compassion can also be sneaky and turn into complacency when we don’t hold ourselves accountable for our actions or tell ourselves it’s okay “things happen for a reason” when in actually we’re just procrastinating, or letting fear get the best of us.

Yes, sometimes we all need to get all warrior on ourselves and push through nasty resistance, even when it sucks, is uncomfortable, or inconvenient not out of obligation or guilt but because there are certain actions necessary to manifest our dreams.

3.  Getting stuck in routines.  Routines can be powerful but they can also keep you stuck in rut.  I’m looking to switch things up that I unconsciously do because it’s how I always do it, or always visit, or always eat.  Consciously creating new changes puts you into new vibrational states of being.

Now that you’re clear of what you’re letting go of.  Grab your markers and start a new list of every single thing you’ve learned this past year. Include all your lessons of success and failures, missteps and giant leaps.  Breathe these in with a sense of growth, gratitude, and transformation.  How do these lessons serve you in moving forward?

My Top 5 Lessons Learned:

1.  Giving myself permission to slow down.  I don’t feel like it was this ultra marathon productive year in comparison with past years.  I often found myself feeling guilty about “not doing enough” and that “I should be working harder.”  This year was one where I was going within a lot, evaluating my choices, and getting clear on what’s to come next.  This space has created an opening to welcome in quantum leaps.  I am ready.

2. Transformation can take time.  Growth and transformation happens in layers.  Within a large transformative journey can be mini transformations, deaths and rebirths all happening at the same time.  Be conscious about where you devote your energy and that we can put certain things on  pause in order to channel our energy in the best way possible towards the areas that want to emerge.

3.  Dealing with resistance and egoic excuses.  My ego is a real pro at stepping right in with all kinds of to do’s that need to be done besides the purpose work that I want to get out in the world.  I’ve had some interesting dialogues with my ego this year and discipline keeps me focused along with remembering my why and being in the energy of service.

4.  Channeling anger into action.  Don’t fume but move forward. Use that energy to surge you into greatness.

5.  Healing parts of myself that are downright ugly.  I’ve had some terrible reactions from being triggered this past year that are embarrassing.  The shadow sides of me have surfaced and it’s been profound addressing them and continuing to be conscious of breaking old patterns.

And take a DEEP.  BREATH.  IN…

There’s one more step.

Take a totally new sheet of paper and just free write everything you’re grateful for, all the things you’ve accomplished, learned, letting go of.  Scribble out all your fears, worries, anxieties, hopes, dreams, and wishes of the past year.  Write till your done writing.  This may take several pages, or may be just a paragraph.  Trust in your own completion.

Then rip it into pieces, and put a flame to it.  Caution: please do this safely outdoors.  I like to use a planter with some soil in it and put all my pieces of paper inside to burn.  Then I douse it water afterwards and spread all the remains into the earth.

As the pieces are burning I just completely let go of the year, releasing it to Spirit and creating room in my Soul to receive the new.

What are you letting go of? What are you celebrating? What do you want want to welcome in?  Wishing you a blessed and blissed out 2015!


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