Express Your Soul Session:
A FREE 45-minute private call to elevate your life and purpose

                                                      *** Please read this page thoroughly before applying***

If you’re a spiritual seeker, lightworker, conscious creative, or rebel warrior who desires to live a life of purpose then I welcome you to sign up for a complimentary Express Your Soul Session.

If you are…

  • Ready to ditch the self-doubt and fear to confidently live your Soul’s purpose
  • Feeling called into the next evolution in your life or have an internal nudge that there’s something more for you
  • Want to ignite your intuition and elevate more pleasure in ALL areas of your life
  • Taking all the “right” actions in your life or business but something is still missing
  • Feel overwhelmed with too many options, possibilities, and strategies that you’re not making the progress you truly desire

Then I’d love to hop on the phone and dive deep with you!

“Just weeks after speaking with her I was able to finish writing my first book and had three speaking engagements booked!” 

Christina blew my mind! I came to her when I felt like I needed more clarity surrounding relationships and my business. She read me and who I was instantly without ever talking to me before.  She helped me to identify why I had a recurring pattern in my relationships with men helping to clear and heal it so that I could open myself up to new love and relationships. 

As for my business, she help me identify my business archetype and the direction I should be headed in.  She helped me refocus myself and my brand in a more purposeful fashion, and just weeks after speaking with her I was able to finish writing my first book and had three speaking engagements booked.

Taria Pritchett

Through a badass combo of intuitive insights, creative wizardry and entrepreneurial street smarts, your Free 45-minute Express Your Soul Session will:

  • Give you extreme clarity on what your heart truly desires in your life, relationships or business
  • Illuminate your #1 block that’s stopping you from fully trusting your intuition and having a life that aligns with your Soul
  • Identify powerful and intuitively aligned actions you can take to elevate your life and purpose

I promise you’ll happily walk away with more clarity and total enthusiasm of knowing exactly what to do immediately.

During this call, I will be intuitively listening to see if I can authentically continue to support you in your path moving forward.  And most importantly, if you resonate with our connection and want ongoing support.

If so, then I may recommend working together through my I Love Freedom Private Mentoring and Coaching Experience because I know in my heart that I can support you in strengthening your intuition, leveraging your soul gifts and taking aligned action to deepen your purpose.

Otherwise, if I don’t feel I’m the right person for you or vice versa, I’ll provide you with the best resource, healer or coach for you.  There are absolutely no strings attached and you get to walk away receiving your next steps moving forward.

If you are a spiritually conscious woman with big dreams who…

  • Wants to live a meaningful life while making a difference and having fun
  • Is committed and loves taking consistent action to fulfill your purpose
  • Wants to deeply trust your intuition to make clear and authentic decisions
  • Knows the power of transforming your energy for quicker results and rapid creation
  • Is ready to heal old wounds, transform limiting beliefs, and clear energetic patterns that keep your stuck or playing small
  • Wants to be bold, be seen, and unleash the power of your creative fire

Then you’ve found the right Intuitive Goddess for you!

I bring in a magical blend of Spirituality grounded in practical reality, creative expression and entrepreneurial know how.

Following my heart is in my blood. From selling beaded bracelets in the 5th grade, to one woman gallery shows, a mural and decorative painting business creating custom art for multimillion dollar homes and businesses in Chicago, Tucson, and Las Vegas and teaching art from children to adults.  My work through I Love Intuition has been able to transform clients and organizations nationally and internationally and as a speaker for TEDx Fremont East Women.

Through years of being trained by skilled mentors and conducting thousands of readings and healings, I take this sacred work seriously with a loving, fierce, and compassionate approach.  I know how to deeply trust my inner wisdom which has liberated me from the darkest days of being completely lost, unworthy and physically sick for an entire year.  At the same time, having worked with a diverse community of individuals from all around the globe over the last 13 has offered deep wisdom into the various facets, nuances, and beauty of the Soul’s journey in this human experience.

By trusting in their intuition and shining their light, women who have worked with me have experienced:

  • Solidifying a real, deep, and profound connection with their Soul’s inner knowing
  • Discovering their purpose and launching heart-centered businesses
  • Doubling and tripling their revenues
  • Sealing the deal with a book publisher
  • Landing opportunities to work hand in hand with legendary musicians
  • Clearing stuck energy from over 30 years of unworthiness and shame to finally owning their value and gifts

Come ready to have major head nodding ahas and a beautiful opening in your energy to allow for more flow, grace, and connection with your Higher Self.

To be clear, this is NOT a free intuitive and psychic reading but an exploration of what your soul desires, for you to experience being supported by me in a safe and sacred space, and to know if we are a good match for ongoing support through private mentoring or coaching. Strictly love and absolutely no pressure or strings attached.  

This is FOR YOU if you know you are here for something GREATER, are ready to  LIVE YOUR PURPOSE and want to commit to taking consistent and soulful action to do so.

This is NOT for you if you…

  • Are unwilling to take the necessary action to create the change you desire
  • Don’t like candid feedback or being called out on your own excuses
  • Are not open to energy healing techniques or tapping into your own Soul’s guidance
  • Want to wait for opportunities to land in your lap

You are a co-creator with Spirit!  You have the power to create what you desire and can do so in a way that is passionate, playful and aligned with your purpose.

Ready to unleash your light? Then let’s connect!

Please fill out the questionnaire below and I’ll get back to you to schedule your session. 

Don’t let your dream life get away.  I’m here for you!  Excited to speak with you and support you!

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Hello, I’m Christina Ambubuyog
(am-boo-boo-yawg = bumblebee in Tagalog) :

psychic play bio pic 1Christina Ambubuyog is the creator of I Love Intuition where she helps purpose driven leaders strengthen and trust their intuition and creativity to create soulful lives.  As a psychic, Spiritual teacher, certified coach, artist, and speaker, Christina integrates your soul’s blueprint, energy techniques, and playfulness as the secret sauce to her programs, to bring out your inner wisdom and align to your truth.  

Christina has worked with over a thousand clients nationally and internationally through private intuitive readings, intuition coaching, events, and workshops to individuals as well as organizations such as United Way, Vistage, Lululemon, and Neiman Marcus.  She has been a featured speaker at TEDx Fremont East Women.  Her artwork and custom painted murals decorate homes and businesses throughout the country.

Christina received her bachelors in Interactive Multimedia from Columbia College Chicago, graduated from the Invision Clairvoyant and Energy Healing Program, and is a Certified Life and Spiritual Coach through the International Coach Academy.

Born and raised in Chicago, she now lives Orange County, California where she loves exploring the beaches, taking walks in her tree-filled neighborhood, and traveling incessantly.


Christina has a magical way of leading her clients through challenging and life changing realizations, while maintaining a fully supportive and compassionate environment

Before I began working with Christina, I was limited in my ability to see the opportunity before me as a new small business owner. I felt overwhelmed, confused about what direction to take my business, and unsure of the future. Consistently, I was taking on more projects that I could realistically manage based on the fear that additional projects might not arise. My work life was my only life. There was no balance. Though I had ideas for creating my own programs to generate revenue, the dream of moving from a “service for hire” to “program provider” seemed like a lofty goal.

Christina taught me to use energy tools to redirect my fear into reassurance and confidence in future opportunities. What I love about learning from Christina is that she meets you where you are – and creates fun and playful ways to begin using the energy tools.

Within 3 months of implementing the tools that Christina taught me, I experienced an amazing shift in my business. I was able to let go of two major projects that were not giving me the opportunity to truly leverage my gifts as a Coach and Learning Designer to take on new projects that offered more than double the earning potential. All the while, streamlining my client base and beginning to integrate true work/life balance again. Each month, as I continue working with Christina for individual coaching, I continue to build trusted partnerships with amazing colleagues and bid projects with increasing revenue potential.

Christina has a magical way of leading her clients through challenging and life changing realizations, while maintaining a fully supportive and compassionate environment. Due to geographical limitations, Christina and I meet over the phone, but it feels as if she is sitting right beside me during every session. All of our sessions comprise laughter, play, insight, healing, action steps and a vision of what comes next. Christina often follows up our sessions with an email or wonderful tool to support me on my next leg of the journey.

If you’re thinking of working with Christina then stop thinking about it – and give it a try! There is nothing to be lost, yet a wonderful world of insight, connectedness and success to be discovered.

Jeannie Sullivan