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The Sister Cousins - Reunited!

My cousin Irene was in town last weekend and we had so much fun!  It was her first time in Vegas and we explored, played, danced and were being super silly all weekend.  Irene is like a sister to me, she’s only a year younger and we all used to live in the same house together growing up in Chicago.  When we get together, all kinds of laughter is unleashed, like the laughter where your cheeks, stomach and bladder hurt! LOL!

Now, one of my besties and entrepreneurial Goddesses, Diane Lauzon aka Lucy Smiles is here visiting Vegas too.  We had a pow wow of fun the other night and here we are at breakfast with our other BFF Anne Marie Lerch.  If you missed our radio show together you can listen in to the replay right here:  Spirit Whispers Radio Show


As I’ve been setting my intentions for the rest of this calendar year, I’ve been thinking a lot about my own success, what I have created and how I have created heart centered success in my own life and business.  Upon reflection, I’ve decided to share with you exactly the steps I use in today’s I Love Intuition Insight:  “How To Create Authentic Success in Your Life and Business”. 

Seeing you living in brilliance, joy and abundance! Namaste!