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Frequently Asked Questions
about my intuitive readings and mentoring

1.  What exactly do you do again?

Working privately with me, whether it’s through the I Love Clarity Session or I Love Freedom private mentoring program, features a strong blend of intuition, spirituality, coaching and energy healing complemented with love and compassion to help you confidently move forward along your life’s journey.

I am a professionally trained intuitive and energy healer, beginning my psychic journey since my early teenage years. I have been giving intuitive clairvoyant readings since 2003. I specialize in connecting you with your strengths, soul purpose and guiding you towards achieving personal success by removing blocks that inhibit your potential.

A session with me provides you with:

  • Clarity into your soul’s purpose and path. I help you connect to what nourishes your Spirit so that you can fully express your passions. These sessions are powerful ways to reveal your strengths, unique gifts and natural talents.
  • Breakthroughs from limiting beliefs or situations that may have you stuck. I provide new perspectives and avenues that you have never seen before, empowering you with choices that support you to achieve your full potential.
  • Insight into your life lessons. I help you understand what you are here to learn and the dynamics of your experiences, relationships and patterns within your life.
  • Connection to your highest visions, dreams and goals for your life. I’m able to help you discover the best path in order to fulfill your dreams through practical steps and intuitive guidance.
  • Support during crossroads, complexities or challenges along your life’s journey.You will receive loving guidance into achieving a decision that validates your truths and heart’s desires.
  • Healing unwanted energies that no longer serve you. I can see directly into your chakras, auras, energetic patterns that are limiting you, and even past lives in order to release those energies that keep you stuck in fear, procrastination and lack.

2.  What can I expect during a one hour private I Love Clarity Soul Jam Session?

During a session, I communicate with your Spirit, Higher Self, and Spirit Guides to give you messages and insights for your life and business you need the most clarity on. I am also able to see your aura and chakras and hear any messages your guides have for you. I will see exactly what’s going on for you in your life at the present moment, any challenges you may be facing. Then we’ll get into the heart of the matter by tuning into the specific area you want insight into.

You may ask any questions you have and receive guidance from your higher self or Spirit guides giving you ways to move forward. It’s been my experience that most of your questions are already answered in the beginning of the reading by tuning into your current life situations.

I read from a non-judgmental and peaceful standpoint that allows me to communicate to you in a manner that is most compassionate and mindful in supporting your intentions for the reading.

You can expect clarity, knowledge and insight into how your Spirit is evolving. As well as the powerful capabilities you have by making choices that are aligned with your soul’s truth and heart’s desires. At the end of the session, you’ll receive next steps that are best for you, giving you remarkable clarity to create the life and business you desire.

3.  What can I NOT expect?

Please don’t expect me to “predict the future.” If you’re going to ask me questions like “When will I find my soul mate?” Don’t expect a date and time from me. What you will hear right back from me is “Do you want to attract your soul mate?” And then I can look at what’s blocking you from attracting that into your life, clear the energies and look into ways you can make that happen.

Rather than future predictions, I can tell you how your life will turn out in relation to the current path that you are on and ways for you to change that if that is your intention. Also don’t expect me to sugar coat anything. I get to the heart of the matter.

Don’t expect me to give you information that you “want” to hear, but do expect the truth. It’s when we reveal the truth that we can empower our lives in living it in alignment to our soul’s purpose. And that is my intention for you, to be of the highest service so that you can shine your light as bright as you can.

4.  There’s a gazillion other intuitives, psychics, coaches, business strategists out there, why work with you Christina?

There sure are a bunch out there and I’ll be straight up as to why I’m amazing.

Most people who come to me feel a strong connection with the work that I do.  To make it easy, you’ve landed on my website and you either resonate with my energy or you don’t.  It’s important that you feel comfortable with your decision and you choose the best Intuitive for you.

I know it’s no accident you are reading this, if you have been drawn to me know that there is already an energetic connection and you are meant to receive insights so that you can create a fulfilling life. Because you’re curious and because it’s really important for me that you come in feeling aligned with receiving intuitive guidance, I’ll share with you my experiences and what makes me unique:

  • Accuracy: Without any background information given to me, I can accurately see exactly what is happening in your life in the present moment. This always surprises clients when I am able to tune into situations they are dealing with and have never spoken to me before in their life. It also provides comfort for my clients, knowing that with this accuracy reveals that I am honest with them.
  • Expert Knowledge: Education and training is really important to me. I have spent over 15 years and tens of thousands of dollars developing my skills as an intuitive. I am a professionally trained psychic, clairvoyant, artist, certified professional life and spiritual coach, energy healer, meditation teacher, psychic trainer, intuitive business consultant, personal development workshop leader. I actively continue to mentor under top experts within this field, utilizing everything that I learn to offer you a service of lifetime value and transformational experience. I am no newbie or novice. What you get is years of commitment and highly developed skills.
  • Quality: Being an Intuitive is truly a lifestyle for me. Everything that I teach is everything that I have experienced and learned for myself so I have first hand experience knowing that it works. I am always improving my skills and constantly immersing myself in personal development. Energy is everything and for me, being in the highest energy at all times is important to be a clear channel and healer for you. I work with my own healers, intuitive consultants and coaches to ensure that my own self-care is a top priority.
  • Teacher and Mentor: I don’t just read people but I teach others how to access their intuition and develop their psychic abilities. I’m able to answer questions you may have around developing your own skills. You also will leave a session with practical assignments you can do to empower you along your path.
  • Compassion and Non Judgment: Everyone I connect with is always through the eyes of Spirit. And that’s not just professionally through sessions but in my everyday life. I always want the best for my clients and offer insights from love, compassion and non-judgment. Know that you have a safe and sacred space during sessions where confidentiality is top priority. Our focus will always be on what you CAN do to change what needs to be changed and give you ways to support you in making your life as fulfilling as you want it to be.
  • Business Savvy:  So you want to create a business you love, that supports you and creates a positive impact in the world?  In the past 4 years alone, I’ve invested over $40,000 on business development, private coaching, masterminds, online marketing, and sales training.  I was born with a passion to make money with my gifts, from gallery shows, graphic design, teaching and owning a mural and decorative painting business creating custom art for multimillion dollar homes and businesses.  If you need kick ass support on creating a thriving life and business, I’ve got a wealth of knowledge on how to make that happen for you.

5.  How do I prepare for an I  Love Clarity session with you?

Find a quiet place where you will be undisturbed for the full hour.  If you have a headset that would be best.  If you like to take notes, bring a journal and your favorite pen.

I recommend that you are seated with your feet flat on the ground. Take at least 10 minutes prior to our scheduled call for some quiet inner reflection and meditation. Close your eyes and take in deep, mindful breaths, centering your body and Spirit and bringing yourself into the present moment.  Set an intention for what you need clarity and guidance. Having this quiet time helps to harness your energy and makes it easier for me to “see” you.

6.  How are the calls set up?

You will call me at our scheduled time. For international clients outside of the United States, then we will do our calls through Skype.

If there is no answer, call back in 30 – 60 seconds as I may be wrapping up a session.

Be on time.  I will wait for your call for up to 10 minutes and if I don’t hear from you then I will assume you have forfeited your session.  I do not reschedule or refund your investment.

If you are late for your call then your reading cannot be extended to make up for lost time and you will have the remainder of the scheduled time to receive your reading.

7.  What is your cancellation or refund policy?

If you need to reschedule your reading then you have 48 hours prior to your scheduled appointment to make any changes and we will set up a new date and time.

If you cancel more than 48 hours before your reading then you will receive a full refund. Cancelling a reading without 48 notice hours will result in a forfeit of your investment. Please note that your time slot cannot always be easily filled with another reading appointment and so its important that you do show up for your reading and keep in mind of this policy.

I do not offer refunds on completed readings, no exceptions.

8.  Are readings confidential?
Absolutely! All information is kept strictly confidential.

9.  How do you “tune in” during a session?  Will you be giving card readings?

I am a clairvoyant, clairsentient, clairaudient as well as claircognizance, meaning I use all my intuitive abilities to receive information. I do not use any form of divination tools such a tarot cards to conduct a reading. On my end I sit with my eyes closed and connect to you in this way. I will often describe pictures or movie like scenes that I am seeing or messages I am hearing, or energies I am feeling and give you that information.

10.  What if I have more questions after our session that I would like answered, can you look at those questions if I emailed you?

Please have all your questions ready in order of importance. I will not be able to “tune” back in to your reading, which requires more energy and focus. If you have more questions then feel free to book another session where we can go over any more questions that you have. If you feel like you’d like more support along your journey then I would recommend taking a look at my Private Menoring Programs to get full ongoing one on one private support.

I’m ready Christina! Let’s do this!

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