Forgiveness creates miracles.

Hanging on to old hurts only leaves you stuck in the past. In the past is not where you’re creating, but in the here and now. You need your energy and the fullness of you to be in the present so that you have more energy to create what you are meant to create in this lifetime.

Now I know this can be such a touchy subject especially if you’ve experienced some major trauma such as rape or someone close to you has been murdered. It is not the easiest process yet with the willingness to step into forgiveness, Spirit will create movement and miracles to help you through it.

Depending on the level of pain, forgiveness can take some time. Be gentle with you and practice with less emotionally charged situations first so you can at least begin to sense the level of freedom that forgiveness gives you.

In this video I share with you a simple yet transformative exercise that I practice daily as well as a shift in perspective from the awesome Mary Manin Morrissey to help you along the way!

I am so passionate about forgiveness because I’ve seen it create truly magical shifts in my own life as well as the life of my clients.

If you know of anyone that is experiencing pain, anger, hatred, bitterness or resentment then please share this with them. This one technique can serve as a gateway for a more richer, loving and vibrant life for you and your loved ones!

And let me know in the comments below how this exercise has supported you as well as any other forgiveness techniques you feel has helped heal your own heart!

Seeing you living in brilliance, joy and abundance! Namaste!