After 27 years of my spine being fused, my body is speaking to me through areas in which the energy is stuck, pain, muscles that have been so contracted that need life energy.

I sought out a Network Spinal Analysis healer, which is a healing modality only done by Chiropractors who channel healing energy to release blocks and realign the spine naturally.

This is NOT the traditional chiropractic strategy of physically adjusting since there’s no cracking or popping of your bones at all. Network Spinal Analysis uses low force touch to activate specific energetic gateways to allow breath and light to release any interference in the spine.

So far there have been wonderful changes and I want to write more about that later once I’ve fully integrated and processed what’s been happening.

The biggest thing that’s been coming up I wanted to share with you right away is something my doc said to a client after her session.

To give you a little visual, there are three chiropractic tables in the room and he works on multiple people at a time so naturally you will hear brief whispers of conversation happen after a session is over. So no I’m not eavesdropping. 😉

I overheard him say, “there’s a lesson in the stuck energy.”

I smiled to myself as I was laying face down on the table.

When we incorporate any kind of healing modality into our lives, it’s really a process of unveiling and bringing in light back into energy that has been stuck.  A healer isn’t “healing you” but merely the channel and catalyst for your own innate healing to happen.

Sometimes our body and subconscious is ready to release it and sometimes it’s not. Sometimes it takes several layers to get to the core that continues to trigger this part of you.

Not all healing sessions will have you walking out in blissful ecstasy. They can also stir up emotions, vulnerabilities, or pain that are not ready to budge yet. 

I’ve been feeling this in my process. There are areas of my spine and neck that just won’t seem to let go along with immense amounts of anger and sadness that I’m allowing myself to be present with.

Whether you are receiving a healing or are the healer, here are five practices I’ve been embodying to gracefully handle stuck energy, receive the lessons, and aid in your own healing process. 

1. Using body talk.
Your body has so much wisdom and will speak to you if you’re willing to connect with her.  Bring your awareness and tune into the part of you that is experiencing the stuck energy.

So if you’re having a pain in a specific area, bring your awareness there or if you’re being emotionally triggered about something, notice where you are holding the trigger in your body.

You can place your hand on that specific area of your body bringing more presence and connection to you.  Ask your body or that specific trigger or emotion what message it has for you. Have a conversation with your body’s cells, muscles, tissues, organs, and nerves.

I’ve been practicing a lot of forgiveness with my body and also reminding my body that I am safe.

2. Release judgment, resistance, or creating a specific outcome. 
The energy is stuck for a reason and sometimes you don’t necessarily need to know exactly why down to the minute detail.  Blaming yourself for not letting it go yet or resisting that it’s even there only adds to the energy.  Also know that the energy may be released in various unexpected ways.

In my healing session earlier this week, I got extremely triggered from an experience I had when I was in my teens. I thought I “healed it already” having done years and years of work around it. And honestly I haven’t really thought much about nor has it bothered me in the last 10 years or so.

Then boom! Out of nowhere the floodgates opened and there I was lying face down on the table and bawling my eyes out. Some muscle or tissue memory was released and flashbacks started playing in my mind rapidly and I was overwhelmed with shame, grief, sadness, and tons of anger.

I found myself going into “I thought I was f*ckin over this!” and then had to catch myself quickly.  Immediately I surrendered to the release and not trying to figure it all out in the moment but allowing the energy to move freely on its own.

This is also key if you’re a healer or coach yourself.  It’s dangerous to force an outcome onto your client or make their healing “go faster” or to not give them the space to integrate. Notice your own resistance to the process and not intertwine your energy with the specific needs of your client’s process.

3. Don’t over think it. 
I’ve noticed with myself and with the majority of my clients that we want to try to figure it all out, mentalize a situation, think through the entire experience, or get extremely “heady” about it. Once we move into the head then we try to go into thinking rather than feeling, releasing, and allowing the energy to move through. 

Instead of me thinking too much about what came up, I let the thoughts flow through journaling. I came home and wrote about whatever was on my heart and mind and the experience I just had during the healing.

There’s a delicate balance of overthinking and free flow writing. You don’t want to analyze here but let the words automatically land onto paper without judgment or thinking too much about what you’re actually writing.

4. Be okay with being uncomfortable. 
Not everything is going to be a quick fix. If you’ve had a pattern that’s been with you for years, sure energy work can release patterns instantly but creating new patterns within how you operate daily life can take some time to fully integrate into your physical reality and way of being. And it’s not always going to be comfortable.

It may take baby steps. You may have to experience an overhaul in how you eat, sleep, talk, who you spend time with, how you schedule your day.  People say they want change, but aren’t always willing to actually make the tangible changes necessary to create something new. 

This is where having support like a prayer partner or daily accountability partner or a spiritual mentor and coach to help you integrate gracefully into the new.

5. Finding the light and the flow. 
My chiropractic healer reminded me on our first session that he’s looking for the light in my body, where things are working, where there is flow and then expanding that into the places that are stuck. 

Having been an energy healer and psychic for nearly 15 years now, it was a wonderful reminder of the power of this work. As I reflect on my own process of working with clients, I’m constantly searching for the places their Soul lights up, being called forth and into, where there is alignment already and clear the way for their own greatness to take over their entire being even more. 

During my Network Spinal Analysis sessions, I’ve been keenly aware of where the energy is stuck but also where the energy is in the flow. When you experience physical pain or even emotional pain or challenges, often time our immediate focus goes towards what isn’t working in our bodies or in our life.

So I’m constantly reminding my body of the flow I have in my hands, stretching my legs and back and feeling where there is movement and light. We can acknowledge both of the polarities that we experience in our healing process.

I want to be clear this isn’t about bombarding yourself with Pollyanna positivity here because the shadow requires tending to as well. And the shadow is one of my favorite places to explore with myself and clients!

Bringing light into the dark and expanding where there is flow allows for a beautiful synergy to happen both internally and externally. Do know that when you do expand your own light, your own darkness is certainly going to rise as well. This is where all the above points come into place once again.

We live in a world where we’re constantly being bombarded with the “instant fix” or to numb ourselves when we’re in pain.

There are lessons, beauty, insights, and transformation in the places where we are stuck. Be courageous and dive into it rather than seeking to flee or rush the process.