A few weekends ago, my man and I went camping out in Utah. First time I was there was 12 years ago fresh after college graduation in 2002.

It was transformational to experience my first times frolicking about sandstone red rocks and loving everything about the West. Coming from the concrete jungle of Chicago, I’ve never seen anything like it. I was hooked.

First thing I did when I came home was create a triptych of photos from the trip, hung it up right next to my bed and said I was moving out West.  I used it as my daily reminder of where I wanted to go.  My vision board before vision boards were even cool.

Two years later, I made the move.

This recent rendezvous back to the Arches reminded me that following your heart takes one step at a time.

Glimpses of my old self came into my mind’s eye, reminders of who I was, the dreams I held quiet in my heart, and the freedom fighter and rebel Soul that’s always been in me finally landed into a feeling of “I did it.”

I told myself I would, I did, and here I am today.

Back then I knew I wanted to just do my own thing but had no clue what that *thing* was, and today I’m doing just that.

Back then I wanted to live soulfully, aligned, and trusting of Spirit, and today I’m doing just that.

Back then a voice always told me to “Follow your heart” even when everyone else didn’t understand including myself, and today I continue to do just that.

And I wasn’t just planted into my current life.  I traversed the shadows and kept my eyes on the light.

delicate arch

Mother Earth doesn’t create these gorgeous mountain ranges, colorful layers of rocks, and breathtaking canyons overnight. Through the wind, fire, earthquakes, blizzards, and floods she is carved into magnificence. Layer upon layer she reveals more beauty, more magic, more mysteries to be learned.

She doesn’t question her existence or journey through it either.

Where do you question your ability to be brilliant?

And where are you doubting the steps you take on your path?

Now, choose brilliance over mediocre and trust over doubt.

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Back then, my younger self never imagined this was going to be my now. But my heart knew simply by giving me clues about what made me happy and what didn’t.

It’s a matter of listening. Taking action. And following it’s guidance one step at a time.