I found out this morning that a kindred spirit and dear friend Elisa Ridley passed away during her sleep over the weekend. A true warrior of light, she was so inspirational in her zest for living and I just remember her radiant smile and dancing spirit. I find myself in tears throughout the day as I think of her free spirit and vibrant energy and how she just ooozed that energy out to everyone around her.

All day I’ve been contemplating on the fragility of this lifetime, the impermanence of it all… and how in an instant everything that is seemingly real to us can just end and off into the ether we go as Spirit, transitioning into our next steps of being.
With this fragility brings forth feelings of gratitude for the many people who are in my life today, who have been in my life and for those I have yet to encounter. The intertwining of energies and moments I’ve shared with people, the lessons I’ve walked away with and how so many people have transformed my own life, bringing forth love, healing, sharing, laughs, blessings and light. I’m feeling grateful. Grateful for moments. Moments shared with fellow Spirits on this journey in this fragile lifetime. I cherish all these moments. Moments my Spirit will forever remember beyond this physical temple… moments that I capture with my mind’s camera and archive within my Soul’s heart. These exchanges of moments call me to be In-Spirit each and every second of the day… to bring out the best in me and the best in everyone around me… to take responsibility in knowing the fragility of this lifetime and to be in service to making this life a place of Peace, Love, Oneness and Joy.

It’s essential for each and every one of us to come from this space as we have the ability to impact the lives we come in contact with in this odyssey knowing our vibration has an effect on the next being’s vibration whom has an impact on the next and so on and so forth. Live this life as you would love to be remembered for. Pledge to live your soul’s potential and capabilities and walk in the air of Love, Light and Spirit.

To my dear Goddess Elisa, you have touched the lives of many… your persevering Spirit forever inspires me to live every day to the fullest, brightest and mightiest! I am blessed to have crossed your path and bask amongst your shining warmth and love and light. I look forward to our next exchanges of cherished moments in upcoming lifetimes!!! May you be amongst the glittering stars, I’ll look for you every night I see them shining bright 🙂 Namaste!