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The soulful women's guide to trusting your intuition for more fulfillment and flow

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Learn how to design a playful and meaningful life rooted in fierce faith, brilliant clarity and gusty guidance.

Everything you need to know is already within you.
Yet we tend to look outside ourselves for answers instead of looking within and connecting to the voice of our soul.

This voice is our intuition. 

When you learn how to listen, trust, and follow your intuitive guidance, you are led to the exact places, people, opportunities, and ideas that allow you to fully express your purpose and create a life your absolutely adore.  Your intuition will heighten your creativity, elevate your happiness, unlock spiritual wisdom from your past and future, and support you to heal fears, stress, anxiety or emotional pain.

The Unleash the Power of Your Intuition Video Training Series is all about connecting you to the power of your inner voice, expanding your heart
and being wildly expressed.

You will discover:

  • The three ways you sabotage your intuition and shut out your higher self

  • What makes up your spiritual anatomy and how it relates to strengthening your intuition

  • How energetic blocks can keep your from fully living your soul's purpose

  • Four powerful ways to strengthen your intuition so you can start living a life of freedom and
    creative expression

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Hello, I'm Christina!

Christina Ambubuyog is the founder of I Love Intuition where she helps purpose driven women trust their intuition and creativity to create soulful lives, relationships and businesses.   As an intuitive coach, artist, and inspirational speaker, she Integrates energy techniques, expressive arts, and play as the secret sauce to unleash one’s inner wisdom.  Christina can clairvoyantly see what gets in the way of you and your vision, while designing a strategic plan that is fun, purposeful and most importantly achieves results.  For over a decade, she has helped clients around the globe through private intuitive readings, intuition coaching, retreats and workshops.  She’s also worked with organizations such as United Way, Vistage, Neiman Marcus and as a TEDx Fremont East Women speaker.  Born and raised in Chicago, she now lives in Las Vegas where she loves hiking through the desert, taking silly photos, dancing and traveling.

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