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Strip down; get naked and raw with yourself.  What do you truly desire?  What are you aching to have, be or do?

Dance with that. Indulge in what is emerging from your Soul, through your skin and out into the world.

Freedom is in your heart’s desires.  Doing what you love liberates you from future regrets, what if’s, and self imposed boundaries of what is and isn’t possible.

In a conversation with a kindred Soul, I felt a deepening and connection that pulsated through my veins.  The energy of love kindled an inner fire within.  “I shouldn’t be feeling this good,” a little voice said within.

Truth being, I felt ecstatic.

What was holding me back?  In that moment I realized a debilitating fear that overcame me… the reality of having what I desired so deeply.  Even if it was a fleeting moment of bliss, it was unsettling.  I saw myself behind the bars of my own creation peering out into a life unknown.

If your core desires were handed to you on a silver platter, how much would you graciously receive?

To receive scratches an itch within to experience a feeling we are searching for.  In that search, giving is inevitable.   We give to ourselves to feel good and that radiates goodness around.

In reflection, the times when I have allowed myself to be open and led by my heart’s rapture, I am free.

And when I don’t, confusion, restriction and victimization ensue.

Take note on what restrictions you have from your desires.  With each restriction, breathe into that energy, gently releasing its grip on you.  Rather than letting fear embrace you, embrace fear with your desire.

Then go for a second helping off that silver platter.

Seeing living love, brilliance and abundance! Namaste.


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