I just returned from Fort Lauderdale, Florida spending the past week with the sun and ocean for a business retreat with one of my mentors/coaches. I walked in with an expectation of amazing and walked out with an experience that was mind blowing.  The biggest thing that I walked away with is how I am showing up in my life and in my business and what are the next steps for me to anchor deeper into my purpose as a soul centered entrepreneur.

I’m basking in the light of the experience, being able to uplevel my own commitment to my Divine Purpose, to you, and to Spirit.  We danced, we cried, we laughed and shared in such deep transformative ways.

A renewal happened for me over the week. I came in with an open heart and it was cracked open even wider.  I realize how important it is to be surrounded by the right people to support you in revealing more of your greatness, even if it is scary.I believe in the power of community, that we cannot and are not supposed to do things alone.

My own support team consists of spiritual and business mentors and coaches, a kick ass daily accountability partner, spiritual counselor, a Buddhist monk for guidance, several energy healers and intuitives to help keep my energy in alignment, virtual assistant, a web and tech Goddess, mastermind partner, and of course the beings of light on my Spirit Guide and Angel team.

Heather Dominick and I, notice the orbs everywhere 🙂

With Entrepreneur Goddesses Shelley Hawkins and Chieko Watanabe

I feel really blessed to have such magnificent support not only from my personal support team but from the other heart centered entrepreneurs at the retreat.  Each and every one of us are bringing forth remarkable gifts into the world, and it is my intention that as you continue to listen to your own intuitive guidance your light shines forth to create positive change in the world too.

Seeing you living in intuition brilliance, joy and abundance! Namaste!