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Resistance is a bitch, especially when you know you have something big to create and it comes right in with distractions galore.  Suddenly, scrubbing the kitchen floor on your hands and knees seems so much more delightful than following up with potential clients.

I know it all too well.  I’m a creative, visionary, idea generator type and add that to my short attention span, it’s not always easy for me to sit down and power through my to do list.

But, my love for seeing things come to fruition definitely trumps fear.  So I’ve had to “train” myself to create efficiently, gracefully and playfully because who wants to be some wacko time management police officer!

Living an intuitive life means you will receive guidance that will lead you in a certain direction.  This direction requires action, creativity, effort, and moving out of your comfort zone to create a life you love.

If you’re having a hard time moving forward then it’s important to shift your focus to what matters and will bring meaning into your life.

Here are Six Simple Tips for Getting Shit Done with Grace and Fun!

    1. Be clear about what you need to do.  Make a list, prioritize and choose the top three that will get you to where you need to go quickly.

      Don’t just keep it all in your head.  Having it outside of your head in a list makes room for creative energy to flow through you.  Refer to your list often throughout the day.
    2. Make YOU a priority.  If you really want to create a life you love, then you must have strong boundaries.  Saying no to others or time sucking activities means saying yes to your dreams.

      For example, I had a lunch meeting planned with two friends to mastermind on biz stuff.  It was in the middle of launching Ignite Your Intuition, so I had requested that we keep it to 90 minutes.  That way I set a clear timeframe for myself so that I can still get other things done that needed to be done that day.

      Be clear about your needs, let others know your availability, and stick to it.
    3. Use a timer.  Parkinson’s Law states that “work expands to fill the time available for it’s completion.”  Meaning, if you give yourself a month to do something, then you will find ways to take a month for you complete something.  But if you give yourself 30 minutes, then you will find a way to get it done within that time.

      Think about it, if you have a plane ticket to leave at 6am to go to Fiji for a snorkeling trip in the blue waters and it’s 3am and you haven’t packed yet.  You better believe you’ll get your booty packin’ and done, ready to leave for the airport by 3:30am to get there by 4.

      So use this law to your advantage.  I have a digital kitchen timer that’s set on my desk and use it to stay focused.  Give yourself 30 minutes or whatever time you think it will take to complete a task, sit your booty down and do it.
    4. Eliminate distractions.  My life has been in hyper productivity mode since I discovered Self Control App.  It totally locks you out of any website for the amount of time you set it at.  Even if you were to shut down your computer or remove the applications, it still won’t let you in.  Genius.

      Turn off your phone, notifications, beeps, dings, anything else that will distract you from staying focused.   I like to keep my cell phone in another room so I don’t feel compelled to play with it.  If you’re being distracted at home, then leave. Go to the library or coffee shop to get work done.
    5. Talk to yourself.  Hear me out with with this one.  When I get overly distracted, I will literally say out loud “Focus Chrissy!  What do you need to be focusing on?  I am writing my blog right now!”

      Doing this is like calling yourself out.  And you bring yourself into present time, notice what you’re doing – like surfing facebook instead of writing that blog post, and then revert yourself back to the original focus.
    6. Make it fun!  What gets your blood pumpin’ into inspired action?  I love to work where there is light and a window in my face and have music on to help me feel fabulous – a little Beyonce can definitely get me in the mood to tackle the to do’s.

      Infuse Spirit and Love in everything you do.  I always say a little prayer affirming high level focus and clarity, and take several deep breaths to bring me into the present moment.  Then I imagine that as I’m writing or sending out emails, that my fingers are gold and infusing my whatever I am doing with light.

      Dazzle up your environment and make it playful.  It’s no wonder why kindergarten classrooms are filled with so much color!  It evokes learning, creativity, and growth!

Now try it out!  Which one of these will you go and practice today?  Report back to me with your progress and any other tips you’ve got!