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Today we totally leave it up to Spirit to do the talking as I pull these color intuition cards for you and give ya a reading.   There are really great insights and an exercise I share that I feel is quite fitting for the exact cards I pulled for you.

 Get your Friday morning reading right here:


A tiny hint: Get ready to anchor your dreams and begin making them really real with this one reading and exercise alone.

Oh and please don’t mind my squeal of excitement!  It’s just way too perfect and you’ll see why!

Now here’s what I want you to do:

In the comments below, tell me how it feels to use the grounding exercise in the video as well as working energetically with the specific color.

Remember, you’ve got to be present to receive Intuitive guidance and to receive the abundance that is ALL AROUND you!

And of course if you’ve got any other juicy insights or comments you want to share then please add your shiny brilliance in the comments box below.

If you’re feeling guided to start making things happen for you and receive the clarity, actions steps and intuitive know how to see your visions come to life then let’s get crackin’!  My HeART of Intuition Brilliance  programs are designed specifically to move you into inspired and intuitive action.  I invite you to connect with me for your complimentary Savvy Soul Session.  Just send an email to and we’ll get you all set up for support on your path, one on one with yours truly!

As always, thank you for watching! XO!

Seeing you living in brilliance, joy and abundance! Namaste!